LIVE in the App Store: Download Official VeePeeJay App


Download the FREE VeePeeJay from the App Store

There’s an App for that. Ha..I’m sorry but I had to say it. The Official VeePeeJay app is LIVE in the Apple App Store. Well the truth is, it’s been live for a while now, but I was actually waiting for the screenshot to get updated before I told the public. #truestory 🙂

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I think this new screenshot accurately captures my excitement about the App. It’s an easy way to access, and stay updated with all things “VeePeeJay” in one place. Videos, posts, social accounts and more (soon to be added) all in one place.


The Official VeePeeJay app is currently available on only in the Apple App store. It will be available in the Google Play store soon. Download the App HERE , or search “VeePeeJay” in the app store.  I would love for you to leave your feedback/rating as well.

Also if you download it, feel free to tag me in a snapshot on Instagram using the hashtag #veepeejayapp.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  🙂


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