5 Things I Love About Being In My Thirties

Ahhh Spring! These last few weeks have been a doozy in a lot of ways so I’m really excited for Spring, warmer weather and the fact that I’m blessed with another year of life.
Yes, it’s my birthday. I originally had another post idea for today but I decided to share 5 things I love about being in my 30s.

I assumed that *most* people knew that I was not in my twenties or even early thirties, but some of the comments on my Instagram post had me chuckling. Apparently, people are shocked to learn that I’m 38?!.

They say life begins at 40 so in my mind, the best is yet to come. But for now, here are 5 things I love about being in my 30s.
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1) I know exactly who I am, what I want and what I don’t want. 

Of course, everyone’s life is different so some people may have experienced this in their 20s and some people may still be trying to figure it out, and that’s OK. It’s not like I didn’t know who I was prior to turning thirty, but there’s something about being in my 30s that makes everything so much clearer.

2) My Faith keeps growing stronger. 
Faith is like a muscle and in order for it to get stronger, you must exercise it. If none of my other muscles get regular exercise, trust me when I tell you that my faith muscle does. If you get nothing from this post, remember this, God will never lead you down a path without providing what you need for the journey. You most likely won’t get what you need before the journey because, after all, faith is “taking the first step even when you can’t see the staircase”.

3) I know that things are happening FOR me and not TO me.
As I look back on my twenties and early thirties, I realize that ALL of the challenges I’ve faced were for my good. I’m not going to sit here and act like this is something that’s easy to swallow (especially while you’re going through it), but this perspective has helped me to see things differently and proceed accordingly.

4) I no longer feel bad telling people NO. 
I will admit that this used to be hard for me. I am a “helper” by nature and I would find myself saying yes because I didn’t want to “not help” or be seen as a bad person. In my 30s “NO” slides off my tongue without giving explanations or feeling bad.

5) I’m better at letting go (faster).
This one is pretty self-explanatory, I think. As I get older, I just get better at not holding on to things, situations (and people) that are no longer good for me or in line with where I’m headed.

Although I’m still a little under 2 years away from 40, God’s willing, I’m excited about this new chapter in my life.

What do you love most about the stage of life you’re in? Tell me in the comments 

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