Planning for the Future as an Entrepreneur w/Prudential #WomenInspired

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Yesterday I *celebrated* my 21st high school graduation anniversary. Well, there wasn’t much celebration, but more “wow, I can’t believe it has been that long”, and “I don’t even feel that old.” My high school graduation was actually my first graduation ceremony ever. Back then, there was no kindergarten or primary school (I grew up under the British system) graduation, so high school graduation was a pretty big deal for me and my family.

I recall being in high school and “planning for the future” with one of my girlfriends. We daydreamed about that kind of life and future we wanted to have. I obviously didn’t know what the future would hold, but what I did know was the age I planned to get married, the number of kids I wanted to have, and the spacing between them. Ahhh…to be kid with no responsibilities and no clue. 🙂

Last month I had the opportunity to be part of the first stop of Prudential’s #WomenInspired tour in Houston. The aim of the tour is “to empower women with financial solutions so they can be confident they are making the right decisions for themselves and their families”.

womeninspired-panelists-prudential-tour-veepeejayThe event was an intimate gathering of women most of whom were moms, who all shared their financial concerns, lessons and fears.

As a full time entrepreneur, financial literacy and planning are extra important to me. Being your own boss is great, but it also comes with challenges, concerns and fears. Will I be able to continue to generate enough income to maintain my lifestyle as I get older? What about my family, will I be able to help take care of them? What if one of my parents get really ill?

These are just some of the types of questions we talked about candidly during the gathering. At the end of the day, these are just facts of life and it’s something that everyone deals with at some point. What we can do, is to seek out as much information and resources as possible to help us make the best decisions we can.

I have shared before that our (my husband & I) goal is to build wealth . I really loved the fact that Prudential is providing the tools and resources, (and the community) with this tour. It’s a great outlet to get women talking and sharing their experience so that others can be inspired and take action.

So remember those plans I made in high school? Today, my girlfriend and I still laugh about the fact that we were clueless. Thankfully, Prudential has resources to help women and their families deal with some of their most pressing concerns.

Even though I’m not a mom as yet, as an Entrepreneur I felt really inspired by the women who shared their stories of how they taught their kids about money and about entrepreneurship. Here’s a quick clip of Latoyia Dennis of Motivated Moms and my friend Elayna Fernandez of The Positive Mom.

The Prudential #WomenInspired tour runs until the fall in cities across the country. If you have the opportunity to attend in a city near you, you should definitely go.

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YOUR TURN: Can you relate to any of my concerns? How are you taking steps to plan for your future?


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