Beginner Tips for Achieving Fall Eye Makeup Looks

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Fall Makeup Trend- Beginner Tips Most of my makeup “skills” were acquired from watching YouTube videos. I use the word “skills” loosely, because there are some techniques I still have trouble with. One of those techniques is the cat eye/winged liner. I’m pretty sure I have watched more than 40 “how to do a cat eye” videos, but my versions are always hit or miss. Can you relate?

Bold, colorful. smoky eyes, and exaggerated cat-eye looks are a few of the trending looks this fall. I’ll be at the two-day Expo in Dallas this weekend, and I plan to do my own makeup for all the weekend activities, because, let’s face it, having someone “beat”  your face four times in one weekend can get a little pricey.

So what did I do to get some hands-on tips and product recommendations? I headed to one of my local Target stores to meet with the Target Beauty Concierge, of course. If you live in Dallas, you can find the FREE Target Beauty Concierge service at the Dallas NE, CityView, and Plano West locations.


The Target Beauty Concierge is a highly trained beauty enthusiast who is stationed inside Target stores. The Target Beauty Concierge is there to help guests with product recommendations, tips, and helpful suggestions for all their beauty-related needs and issues.

I loved my last experience at the Target Beauty Concierge so much that I was excited to chat with Cecilia again. This time around, we chatted about tips for achieving two Fall eye makeup trends: an easy, yet bold smoky eye look, as well as tips for upping my cat eye/winged liner game.

Here are some of the tips she shared for achieving some of the fall eye makeup looks:

fall-makeup-trends-smokey-eye-target-beauty-concierge-veepeejayAs with any job, you need the right tools. I told Cecilia exactly what I wanted to achieve and she helped me pick out the right products and tools to get the job done. The Curve liner tool from NYX has changed my entire liner game.


fall-makeup-trend-beginner-tips-veepeejayAlthough my skin isn’t super oily, my eyelids tend to be. Cecilia recommended pairing a waterproof eye primer with my eye shadow base. This would not only help my eye shadow stay on longer, but it would also help the colors really pop.


beginner-tips-bold-smokey-fall-makeup-trend-veepeejayI’m definitely not afraid of color. As part of the weekend’s festivities, I’ll be attending an all-black masquerade dinner. I told Cecilia I wanted to do a bold, electric blue smoky eye to really help my eyes pop from behind my mask. She helped me pick out a palette to achieve this look and suggested using blue liquid eyeliner to take the look to the next level.
You can also use this tip if you are attending any Halloween costume parties.


fall-makeup-trends-cat-eye-veepeejayI have been practicing my cat eye/winged liner all week, and I can definitely see progress. If you are a beginner, practice, practice, and then practice some more. Also remember to own your look and have fun!

fall-bold-smokey-trend-target-beauty-concierge-veepeejayThis weekend, I’ll be putting to use all the tools and techniques I learned from the Target Beauty Concierge. Bold, electric blue, smoky eye here I come! ;).

Remember to visit Target’s Beauty Concierge to learn how to achieve the latest fall beauty trends. #TargetStyle. Find your @TargetStyle.

YOUR TURN: Have you mastered the cat eye?

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