To Everything There Is A Season… Life/Blog Update

To everything, there is a season……

Towards the end of last year and even into early 2017, I wrestled with the idea of shutting down the blog. On one hand, I love having my little space to write and share, but in all honesty, I also felt that the topics that I was interested in writing about, at this stage in my life, were not of much interest to my core audience. After blogging for 6 years, I know this is almost inevitable when you pivot and shift the direction of your blog so I wasn’t really sweating it. Either way, I felt “meh” about blogging and as a result, I poured most of my energy into Ven & Rose and other projects.

Like with everything else, I prayed about it and I remember asking God, “what do you really want me to do with VeePeeJay”? I kept asking but I felt like I wasn’t getting an answer. Well, at least not a clear one. I even talked (whined 😆) to my husband about it. As usual, he was level headed and encouraged me to  “give it time”.

My blogging was sporadic but I kept going, and honestly, I enjoyed writing posts that felt good to me as opposed to just writing to be “consistent”.

Also, God kept sending me opportunities to create and share impactful content (like this post). So, I guess that was kinda my answer, huh?!

The last post I wrote before my unplanned hiatus almost three months ago, was one about embracing the detours in life. At that point, I felt like 2017 was one big detour. I remember writing “sometimes God takes you on the scenic route through life, enjoy the detour”. Little did I know that God was about to take me even further down the scenic route.

Without going into too much detail, I was faced with a health challenge that caused me to let everything go. I mean everything. I canceled conferences, keynote speeches, vending events…everything. My health came first and my main priority was getting better. Afterall, your health is your greatest wealth.

Like the earlier part of my 2017, my recovery didn’t happen in a straight line. It was filled with bumps and even a few potholes, but I’m doing much better and I learned so much from this experience.

To everything, there is a season……

I never imagined that I would be “off the grid” for almost three months but obviously, God knew I needed this time and experience, and even though physically I wasn’t always 100%, I had such a sense of peace. I knew that God did not allow this to happen by accident, and I trusted he would work things out. This was my season to let it all go, rest and recuperate.

My faith muscle got the longest, hardest workout it has ever gotten so far, but I’m stronger for it. It also taught (well, reminded) me a lot about the goodness of people. Thank you so much to those of you who noticed I was “missing” or felt that “something wasn’t right” and took the time to reach out to me to ask if I was ok. ☺️ Some of you kept checking on me and sending me encouraging messages and thoughts. That really meant a lot to me, so THANK YOU. If I didn’t respond to your message, please charge it to my head and not my heart.

So what happens now? Honestly, only God knows. 😉 What I do know is that I plan to be even more INTENTIONAL about everything I do in life. Not to sound morbid or anything, but we all know that “life is short” and things can change in the blink of an eye. I plan to make everyday count. I hope you will too.

To everything, there is a season…...

Thanks for reading.

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