The Best Natural Hair Bun Ever!

There are natural hair buns and then there is MzNaturallife’s Epic Bun or as I like to call it the best natural hair bun ever!  Today the guest post fun continues with Cannie aka MzNaturallife. Let’s get into it!MzNaturalLife’s Epic Bun
Bun styles are chic, quick and easy, and my all-time favorite! They can be formal or casual, textured or plain and they look great on everyone! An added benefit is that buns are great protective styles in hot and cold weather and for retaining length as your ends are tucked neatly away.
A fun feature is that you can manipulate the size of your bun simply by how you pin your hair. With just a few items, like a great moisturizer from No’Kyem Naturals and a smoothing pomade from Curls, you can achieve an EPIC BUN.

The Best Natural Hair Bun Ever

Check out this tutorial and join the fun with buns!

Products Used in the Tutorial: No’Kyem Naturals Shea Amaretto Leave-In Conditioner ( Control Paste in Blueberry Bliss and Passion Fruit ( hair pins, Bobby pins, hair tie (Sally’s or local BSS).

Best Natural hair Bun Ever

Want more of Cannie? Of course you do! She’s such a breath of fresh air and I know you’ll love her. Connect with her FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

YOUR TURN: Do you wear a lot of buns? What’s your go to hair style? 


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