Grenada Vacation Photo Diary Part 2

Grenada Vacation Photo Diary

Grenada Vacation Photo Diary

Before I left for vacation in Grenada, I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Marie of GoodLooknOut. I felt like she was peeking into my thoughts LOL. I know you’re probably wondering what on earth her post has to do with vacation photos, right?

Her post made the connection between leading a “simple life” and keeping a permanent smile on your face. I was nodding (and smiling) through the entire post. Read the post HERE

I’ve always been a fuss free kind of person, but sometimes you can get bogged down with all kinds of “stuff” that you need to let go. This vacation was the perfect disconnect I needed in order to reconnect and simplify 🙂

Now on to the pics. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and feedback on the last set of pics. I hope you enjoy these.


We definitely got in a healthy dose of sand and sea 🙂 The beach is the perfect place to sit, relax and think.

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grenada-beach-view grenada-flamboyant-hotelA view of Grand Anse beach from a hill top.

To say I ate well is an understatement. I have the ill fitting pants to prove it too.
I did however make sure that I ate all the local fruits I could find, to balance things out a bit 🙂


Ceylon Mangoes. These are SOOO good. You must try them if you get a chance.


West Indian cherries. These are generally sweet and are perfect alone or when used to make cherry juice 🙂


These are called “sea grapes”. They are mainly found on the beaches.


Coconut Water….from the source. THE BEST.


My oldest sister and I.


My younger sisters & I. Three of a kind 🙂

If you follow me on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM then you already know I hosted a mini, impromptu meetup. We had a BALL. What is it like being natural in Grenada? These ladies will tell you. Stay tuned for the video 🙂

Here’s to the Simple Life.

YOUR TURN: What does the simple life mean to you? 

Until next time
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