Curly Crochet Braids with Freetress Bohemian/Waterwave Hair

 I’m back in Crochet Braids again! I’ve actually had these in for 10 days. I decided to use curly hair this time around because I wanted a different look. As usual, I washed and deep conditioned my hair in preparation for this style. I made the cornrows fairly large, and I secured them at the back of my hair with weaving thread.

 I originally planned on using only the Freetress Bohemian hair, but I ran out of hair when I got to the front of my head. My Beauty Supply Store didn’t have any Bohemian left, so I opted for Waterwave to finish off the front section. They ended up blending very well. I was pleased. :)

I wore the style “as is” for the first few days, and then got them slightly layered for a more even look.  
For maintenance, I cleanse my scalp with Witch Hazel, spritz my hair and scalp with either OBI Natural Hair Care Curl Hydration Spray, Janelle Beauty Curl Refresh or Shea Moisture Dry Scalp Elixir. I usually alternate them during the week. I then use my beloved Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive heavy cream for my scalp, edges and nape. So far, so good. 

I plan to keep these Crochet braids for approximately 12 more days. I don’t think that will be a problem, but we shall see.

Are you doing protective styling? How do you care for your hair underneath?

Until next time


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  • Jessica Sendama

    Hey, i love it !!! I have been locking for crochet braids but i want a brown goldish color.. Also i want to mix the colors so it blends well, do you know where i can get it please

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you @glamtastic. I don’t think you’re misunderstanding. Even while protective styling you need to take care of your scalp, and also give your hair breaks. I never keep any style more than 6 weeks because by that time, my scalp needs to be thoroughly cleansed and I also don’t want to run the risk of matting. Especially for a style like Crochet braids where my hair is braided down and only spritzed and oiled, it’s necessary to remove them after a while to throughly moisturizing my hair as well. I honestly, don’t think that manipulating your hair every 22 days or even every 2 weeks is too much, at least that hasn’t been my experience.

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you so much. Sorry I missed your comment.

  • glamtastic

    The style is really cute. I have a question though. How is this a protective style when it is kept for only 22 days? My understanding of a “protective” style is that it reduces the need to manipulate the hair often. Perhaps I’m confused on the meaning of “protective” styling. If I’m combing, braiding, pulling and working my hair often I’m not protecting it from style abuse. I’m just wondering

  • adrienne

    This looks darling!

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you so much :)

  • KRJ

    Really cute and you explained well … good job

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you! I just love Crochet braids!

  • Ore

    Looks great!
    Im getting crochet braids this weekend!

  • binagara

    did you soak in apple cider vinegar or you use it directly from the pack

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you. I used 3 packets of hair. To remove them I cut the bulk of the hair off and then undo my braids. The rest of the hair comes out then. I didn’t record a tutorial because I already had a similar one up, the only difference is the hair I used.
    Here’s the tut:

  • blessedwoman

    i love it it is so pretty please do you have a tutorial on it and how many pack did you use i want to try it on my hair and i would also love to know how to undo them thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge it really make a difference God bless you

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Aww…thank you so much sis. You’re making me blush ;-)

  • Tinuke Wilson

    Can we say Hawtness???
    I love these on you…so beautiful:)