All Blown Out

Yep, I did it. I blew my hair out. For the longest while, I was scared to blow my hair out because of all the horror stories of heat damage. While I agree that the use of heat on natural hair is not something to be abused, I also feel that it a personal choice. So, I did my research and I made my choice. So here it is…my hair in all it’s blow out glory 🙂
I honestly just needed to trim my hair and was too lazy and busy to stretch my hair this way.
Prior to blowdrying, I made sure to add some protein to my hair even though I had done a Henna Gloss the week before. I was just being extra cautious.

 I decided to use Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream as my leave in because one of its marketed for use as a straightening cream, among other things. I sealed with Grapeseed Oil which can withstand temperatures up to 420 degrees and is commonly used alone as a heat protectant.

 I applied the smoothing cream generously on wet hair, put the grapeseed oil over it and allowed my hair to air dry. When it was about 90% dry, I applied a tiny bit Carol’s Daughter Blowdry Cream (I got two samples from Sephora) and set to work. I blow dried on low/warm settings.  I was really happy with the results, my hair was soft and very smooth. 

I intended to give myself a good trim but it kinda turned into a cut because I did get a little scissor happy. But my ends feel soooo much better and I like the shape of my hair a lot better now. I decided to attempt some big flat twists with Bantu Knots on the ends using a tiny bit QB Amla & Olive Heavy Cream.

I really loved the results which, as you can imagine, turned into bigger hair as the day went by. It’s been 4 days and I’ve yet to re-moisturize my hair because it feel so good and partly because I’m trying to hold off on the return of shrinkage. That will all change tomorrow though. 🙂

Do you do blow outs ? What do you use? I’d love to hear you experience.

Until next time

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  • Hey, yes I found it was moisturizing. I loved the “smoothing” effect too. I never tried the leave so I can’t compare them, but the Cocoa bean worked well for me ☺

  • me

    did you find the darcy cocoa bean moisturizing? i just tried her daily leave in and it did NOTHING for my hair in terms of moisture…it just defined my curls but when it dried my hair was dry too…

  • Thanks Beuluv! I felt the same way, but after doing a lot of research and finding the right products (IMO) I decided to go for it ☺

  • Beuluv

    I have been wanting to do a blowout but have been afraid. I have also thought about having a professional do it, but still afraid. If I feel I have the right products to protect against heat damage, I may try doing it myself. Thanks for the post I didn’t know that about grapeseed oil. Your hair looks great!