“Be Quiet & Let Me Be Great” – Silencing the Little Girl In My Head


Brandy Butler (Middle) & Sherica Matthews (Right) I spent this past weekend in St. Louis attending Brandy Butler’s “Package Podcast Profit” intensive workshop. I was excited to attend the event as an instructor to share my expertise with the attendees, but I had no idea how much of an impact this experience would have on me. Although I’m always encouraging others to celebrate their wins, I realize, in some ways I still struggle with fully celebrating my own wins. I feel comfortable sharing…

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How Mobile Inspiration Makes The World A Better Place + #SMS16 Twitter Chat


I am an AT&T Influencer and I received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.  Earlier this week I was making a late night scroll through my Facebook feed and saw a post from my friend Amber of She had recently started a podcast and just uploaded her second episode. The title of the podcast caught my attention so I decided to listen. It was short podcast which touched on the fact that so many people are…

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Does This Thing Work? My Experience with At Home MicroDerm Treatment #HelloRadiance


This post sponsored by Silkn. #HelloRadiance. All opinions are honest and based on my own experiences. During my recent vacation, I was chatting with a hotel employee about an event the hotel was hosting. He informed my husband & I that we needed to be at least 28 years old to attend the event. I’m going to assume that he was trying to flatter us, but we both laughed so loud because neither of us is anywhere close to 28. As a…

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I Went Parasailing & I Didn’t Die. Three Things I Learned from Conquering My Fear


I won’t necessarily consider myself the adventurous type when it comes to outdoor activities. As I get older I am a bit more open to trying new things, but I don’t go out of my way to seek out these types of adventures. My husband, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He is the, “ooh we should try this” kinda guy. That’s exactly how I ended up in the middle of the ocean attached to a parachute while…

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Two Habits That Make Me Better As An Entrepreneur


I recently returned from vacation and a much-needed break. For the past eight months, I have been on the go a lot and I was fatigued, so I needed to slow down a bit to take care of myself. At times it feels like my brain is always ticking and it’s hard to turn it off. Also, there is a lot of noise in the online space and I find it necessary to go to a quiet place to hear…

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Perfect Crochet Twists with Latched & Hooked Zoe Collection


It’s no secret that I LOVE crochet braids. They’re easy to do, convenient and pretty much allows you to have any look in less time. Earlier this year my friend MomsCharge introduced me to the brand Latched & Hooked which specializes in pre-curled crochet hair. I was sent a few boxes of their Kenzie Curl which I used to make this wig that I refer to as “Curla”.  Curla is my “fun hair”. She is light and bouncy and I’ve worn…

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How One Tweet Inspired The #PeriodProjects & What You Can Do To Help


Social media is a powerful tool and I love seeing people use it to positively impact the lives of others. This is what this post about the #PeriodProjects sponsored by U by Kotex® is about. It all started with a tweet by Holly Sanchez encouraging others to buy an extra box of pads to donate to homeless shelters. Buy an extra box of pads/tampons & donate to a homeless shelter near you. These items are so often overlooked. — Holly Sanchez…

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