How One Tweet Inspired The #PeriodProjects & What You Can Do To Help


Social media is a powerful tool and I love seeing people use it to positively impact the lives of others. This is what this post about the #PeriodProjects sponsored by U by Kotexยฎย is about. It all started with a tweet by Holly Sanchez encouraging others to buy an extra box of pads to donate to homeless shelters. Buy an extra box of pads/tampons & donate to a homeless shelter near you. These items are so often overlooked. โ€” Holly Sanchez…

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7 Inspirational Moments From The NABJ Convention 2016 #InspiredMobility


Thank you to AT&T for sponsoring my attendance to the 2016 NABJ Convention I recently returned from my first NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists) Convention. As I mentioned in this post, I attended the joint NABJNAHJ convention as part of the AT&T Inspired Mobility initiative. The convention was rich in experiences, information, and of course inspiration. I wish I could share everything that happened over the 5+ days of the conference, but this post will be way too long…

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How My Education Laid The Foundation For My Entrepreneurial Journey


Thank you to the Dallas Community Colleges for sponsoring this conversation. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Growing up on the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada, education was always a priority for me and my family. My Mother always told my sisters and I that, “I may not be able to give you a lot of material things, but I can give an education and a chance to make a better life for yourself.” My father also often reminded…

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Why I Use My Platform To Share Inspiration #InspiredMobility


This conversation and my attendance at the NABJ Convention 2016 is sponsored by AT&T.ย  Sharing inspiration online has always been an integral part of the VeePeeJay platform. The decision to do so was a no-brainer for me because the bottom line is that people need it, and it costs me nothing to share it. With everything that has been happening lately, inspiration & positivity can provide an “escape” for many who may be feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. To be honest,…

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Reflections on My 5 Years of Blogging + Advice for New & Aspiring Bloggers


On July 16th, 2011, I wrote my very first post. It was a super short post (more like a journal entry) that I didn’t put much thought into, and I certainly wasn’t thinking about SEO. I was tempted to delete it when I rebranded but I decided to keep it. It represents my beginning as a blogger and I never want to forget how far I’ve come. Ironically that post sums up my “WHY” in 3 short lines. RELATED: Why…

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