We Did A Disney Cruise Without Kids and Loved It. Here’s Why. #DisneySMMC #WaltDisneyWednesdays

Two months ago we (my husband, my Mom & I) went on our very first cruise as part of the Disney Social Media Moms Land & Sea Celebration . For the “sea” part of the celebration, we did a Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream without kids and loved it! Here’s why.

The Are Tons of Kid-Free/Adult Only Areas

I think many people assume that a Disney cruise means that there are kids running around “everywhere”. I can tell you that this is not the case. As with everything else Disney is meticulous with the design, layout and activities on their cruises. There are tons of areas that are reserved for adults-only such a pools, hot tubs, dining areas and lounges where you can dance the night away if you choose to.

Relaxing on the Adult Only Deck on the Disney Dream

Of course, there were lots of kids on our cruise but honestly, we would not have known they were there if we did not see them. If you’re thinking of going on a Disney cruise and you’re concerned that you will have to be surrounded by kids “all over the place’, don’t be, because this isn’t the case. As a matter of fact, all the other bloggers we hung out with had young kids but we barely saw them because they happily spent most of their time in the kid zone.

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The Entertainment is Perfect For Both Kids And Adults

If you’re going on a Disney cruise, chances are you’re already a Disney/Disney movies fan. If you’re not already a fan, trust me, you will be by the time you leave the cruise. The entertainment on the Disney cruise is based on Disney Movies/characters, and like the movies, they are perfect for both adults and children.

Beauty & The Beast LIVE was my favorite show on the Disney Dream. I may or may not have been singing along.

Also, there were two timeslots for each show so we ended up going to the earlier showing (where there were fewer kids) because we were part of the second dinner seating.

There Are Late Dining Options 

If you’re thinking you won’t be able to enjoy your dinner because you will have to eat with kids, don’t be. You don’t have to eat with kids if you don’t want to. As a matter of fact, Disney is so impeccable with the details that because we were cruising without kids, we were seated with other people (who became friends) without kids.

Dinner setting at Animator’s Palace on the Disney Dream

As mentioned, there are two dining options, late & early. Most people with kids naturally choose the earlier seating. We actually chose the late option because the earlier time was a bit too early for us.

The Disney Characters Have Designated Greeting Areas 

If you’re on a Disney cruise there will obviously be Disney characters, and where there are Disney characters, there will be kids (and ahem…. adults) lining up to meet and take photos with them.

My Mom & I were equally excited to meet Mickey 😂

Disney’s Private Island (Castaway Cay) has a Private Beach.

Many of the Disney cruises make a stop on Castaway Cay which is Disney’s private island. True to form Disney has ensured that there are activities for kids and adults that can be done together or separately if you choose. Serenity Bay is the private adult only beach where you’ll have the option to enjoy some “peace and quiet” if that’s what you desire.

Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay

In case you weren’t convinced before, now you know that doing a Disney cruise without kids can be equally as fun as if you do with them. We did it and we loved it and we’ll certainly be going back.

Have you been to Disney or on a Disney Cruise without kids? What was your experience?

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