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What I Have Been Up To Lately – Update on my #OneWord for 2016

So I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I’m committed to doing what I said I would do in 2016. What am I talking about? If this is your first time reading VeePeeJay, welcome! Basically, my word for 2016 is IMPLEMENT, as in taking action, as in no more procrastinating and over thinking, as in doing what it takes to get to where I want to go 🙂 Read HERE to learn more > One Word for…

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Entrepreneur Chronicles: You Can’t Do It Alone

As an introvert, working for myself (and by myself…a lot of time) often has me with my head down, on my laptop, consulting with clients via email, Skype or hangout, most of the time. While I can’t really say that I get lonely (Read: introvert 🙂 ) , entrepreneurship/solopreneurship in itself can be a lonely road. In this post, I mentioned that this year, I would be sharing more of my journey as a solopreneur. Yesterday I attended the first “Brunch &…

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