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Chadel Mathurin

How I Grew My Natural Hair to Mid-Back Length and used Minimal Products

This post is not advertisement of some tool or product that will give you miraculous  growth with little effort. This is an honest retelling of part of my haircare journey, and how I was able to grow my hair to mid-back length while using minimal products.  Whenever I post photo of a style, one of the first things I am asked is, “what products did you use?” Living in St. Lucia, I am often approached by young ladies who have no…

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The Secret To Achieving the Perfect Flexi Rod Set on Dry Natural Hair

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my new contributor Chadel. Chadel will be adding her voice to the blog by sharing some of her natural hair styles, tips and more. I’m really excited that her first post is about achieving a flexi-rod set. Many of you have requested tutorials, but I have admitted that this is the one style that I have not quite mastered. Chadel has mastered this style so I’m happy to have her share it with you.…

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