Today I’m Just Grateful

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with gratitude that you can’t contain yourself? No, just me?

Today I’m just so grateful! Exactly one year ago today I walked, well more like wobbled, into my doctor’s office because I was “not feeling well” and before I knew it, I was admitted to hospital. This was the beginning of a chain of events that took me off the grid for almost the entire year, but it is an experience that I will NEVER forget.

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Though it was a long, painful, rainy period in my life, I know it was something I had to go through. It was a detour that I had to embrace*. I get so overwhelmed when I think about how God protected me and how “I’m here today because God kept me”.

It rained all day today. Part of me wanted to curl up under a blanket and do nothing and the other part wished the rain would just stop. Then I was reminded that rain was necessary for things to bloom & grow. – When I took this picture last year, it was a very “rainy” period in my life. There’s was a lot happening behind that smile. I recall my friend @alwaysmarq reminding me that “the rain never lasts forever, the sun will eventually come out”. – If you’re going through a rainy season, fear not, the sun will eventually come out and one day you’ll even look back and have even greater appreciation for the rain. 🤗 – . . #beencouraged #bestillandknow #veepeejay #vpjinspires #inspiredmobility #gritandvirtue #shedelights #caribbeangirlswhoblog

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It may rain for a while but the sun eventually comes out.

If you’re going through a tough time, remember there’s a blessing in the storm (even if you can’t see it right now). Be encouraged.

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Today I’m just grateful.

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