What My Mom Thinks About Me Being A Blogger

This year (in July) I will officially be 7 years in the blogging game. It’s always hard to believe so much time has passed but I’m really grateful for this journey. Where I’m from, blogging is still a newish concept, but I’m really happy to have had my family’s support even though they may not have fully understood what I was doing.

Last month, on my birthday I sat down with my Mom to do a Q&A/mother-daughter tag. One of the questions required my Mom to share how she feels about me being a blogger. It’s something we had never really spoken about in-depth before, so it was great to hear her candid response.

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You can see what she said in this pretty funny (at least I think so) video. You may also learn some interesting facts about me. While I’ve shared “About Me” posts before, there’s nothing quite like having your Mom tell all your business LIVE on video.

Thanks for watching and enjoy a good chuckle at my expense. 😉

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