#WhenSilenceSpeaks Writing Challenge: A Different World

I entered a different world today. Today I announced my first, solo, live online training (also known as a webinar). I’ve been a guest on a webinar before but I’ve never done one completely on my own. I’m excited to share on a topic that I get numerous questions about, and one that I’ve had almost 2 years of experience (trials, errors, and successes) with.

On February 15th, I’ll be sharing how to create an additional stream of income by selling physical products without managing inventory. Interested? Go HERE to learn more.

For the month of February, or as much as I can, I’ve decided to participate in this writing challenge by @ggreenewrites. One of my blog goals for 2017 is to “just write”. I’m getting started a few days after the challenge *officially* started but because there are only 20 prompts, I can still go at my own pace.

Today was the day I entered a different world.

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