Less Thinking, More Doing- Achieve Your Goals in 2017 with the Whose Shoes Transformational Planner

At the time of this post there are 40 days left in 2016. A lot can happen in 40 days, but if there are 2016 goals you haven’t started on, you may be feeling a bit discouraged at this point. While 2016 is practically “over”, your 2017 can be very different, if you take steps to make sure it is.

From my experience, one of biggest issues that hold many people back is being stuck in the “thinking” phase. I know because I used to be there. I would think and OVERthink about all the things I wanted to do and be stuck there.

I also shared this on my Facebook page recently

As you may know by now, my word for 2016 was IMPLEMENT. I intentionally picked that word because I knew I needed to put into ACTION a lot of the things I was talking about and thinking about doing for a while. Thinking is good, but nothing beats action.

In 2014, I first come in contact with Christine St. Vil from MomsNCharge & her sister Julian B. Kiganda of Bold&Fearless when I purchased their book “Whose Shoes Are You Wearing” & the companion Planner. It was one the books that really helped me to start staring my fears in the face and taking steps to overcome them.


Fast forward to almost 2 years later and I’m honored to be on the 12 women featured in the 2107 Whose Shoes Transformational Planner. I’m generally a very private person but I really opened up and shared how I was able to overcome some of the obstacles that came my way to reach my goals.

This planner is designed to help you simplify, set and SMASH your goals in 2017. I often get asked how I was able to achieve so many of my goals, and the truth is that I made a plan and I took actionable steps that would get me to where I want to be. This is what this planner is made to do.
If you’re someone who is always “thinking about doing xyz”, it will help you to move from thinking to doing.

The planner is currently on  PRE-ORDER and if you order yours by November 23, you will get 20% off, plus FREE SHIPPING + bonuses. Click HERE to learn more and order yours. You won’t regret it (I’m not just saying that because I’m in it).

YOUR TURN: How did you do on your goals for 2016? 


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