How One Tweet Inspired The #PeriodProjects & What You Can Do To Help

Social media is a powerful tool and I love seeing people use it to positively impact the lives of others. This is what this post about the #PeriodProjects sponsored by U by Kotex® is about.

It all started with a tweet by Holly Sanchez encouraging others to buy an extra box of pads to donate to homeless shelters.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your cycle and not have access to your favorite/preferred period necessities? Let’s go even further, forget about favorites for a second and think about if you didn’t have access to any of the items you needed during your cycle. Sadly, this is the reality for the 3.5 million Americans who experience homelessness each year and have limited access to and few places to turn for period products.

Inspired by Holly’s tweet, U by Kotex® joined forces with DoSomeThing.Org to launch the Period Projects. The aim of the project is simple. It encourages people to buy and donate an extra pack of period products to a homeless shelter.

Power to the Period is the first-ever national period products drive and the second installment of the U by Kotex® Period Projects.

ubykotex-period-projects-veepeejayHow can you help?

You can start a Power to the Period donation drive or  the next time you’re at the store pick up an extra box (or ten) of period products to donate to a drive in your area from Thursday, July 14 through Friday, September 30. It’s important to donate unopened items so the recipients can see the instructions.

To learn more, or text PERIOD to 38383.


The U by Kotex® brand will also make product donations on behalf of contest winners and participants can sign up for a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.

One small act of kindness will go a long way in ensuring another woman doesn’t have to worry about having what she needs during her time of the month.

YOUR TURN: Will you be donating to the #PeriodProjects? 


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