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It’s no secret that I LOVE crochet braids. They’re easy to do, convenient and pretty much allows you to have any look in less time. Earlier this year my friend MomsCharge introduced me to the brand Latched & Hooked which specializes in pre-curled crochet hair. I was sent a few boxes of their Kenzie Curl which I used to make this wig that I refer to as “Curla”.  Curla is my “fun hair”. She is light and bouncy and I’ve worn her quite a bit this summer.

Latched & Hooked, which is based in ATL is owned by a fellow entrepreneur, Tiffini Gatlin. Not only do they offer pre-curled hair, but they recently added pre-twisted hair to the collection as well. I knew that this hair would be perfect for my vacation.

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I ordered 5 packets of the Zoe Collection Bohemian Hair because I wanted something I could easily pin up or toss into a bun since I’m at the beach.


The Zoe Collection Bohemian Twist is 20 inches long and each pack contains 20 twists. I was initially concerned that they would be a bit heavy for my tiny head, but they are actually super light. I used about 4 1/2 packs. I also love that the ends are already sealed and “thinned out”. This makes it easy to style the hair without having a lot of extra bulk at the ends.


As I mentioned, the hair comes pre-curled and each twist has its own loop, so it’s easy to install. All you need to do is braid your hair down, loop your twists in and you’re done. You’ve got perfect Bohemian twists in less than 2 hours.

Ready to try Latched & Hooked? Check out o

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  • J King

    I love the versatility! I’ve been meaning to try this after a failed attempt a couple years ago. Lol

    • Give it a whirl lol. Crochet has come a lonnnnggg way.

  • Really cute, I’m in need of a change up. I’m thinking of trying this out so my edges will remain while I’m swinging my long braids around.

    • Thanks Mimi. Yes, these will be perfect.

  • Crochet braids are everything. I saw Christine’s post on the hair too. I need to check it out for me and my daughter. It’s protective style season coming up.

    • They are. I don’t think I’ll ever get regular extensions again.

  • Love the tee! I had no idea that you can get crochet braids in this kind of style. I’d consider it for sure.

  • Eva

    Okay… so these twists might have to happen sooner rather than later. So pretty…

  • Your hair is so pretty. I wish I could learn how to do that!

    • Thanks Ty. They are pretty easy to do. I have quite a few tutorials here on the blog.

  • Your hair is gorgeous! I really want some twists for fall! I hope I can make the time to install them. LOVE your worship, brunch, and nap tee, too!