3 Ways To Keep Your Natural Hair Hydrated

Keeping Your Hair Hydrated in Summer

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Keeping Your Hair Hydrated in Summer
After being natural for almost seven years I know that parched, dry hair can be a reality for many people during the summer/hotter months. Between heat indexes over 100, outdoor events and long days by the pool, your hair can start to feel extra thirsty. Of course, staying hydrated from the inside is uber important, but here are 3 things you can do to keep your hair hydrated in this hot weather.

1) Steam Treatments
Steaming is a great way to boost the moisture and hydration in your hair. I’m a huge fan of the portable, handheld steamers such as the Q-Redew for those times when you need a quick treatment prior to moisturizing and sealing or even after styling.

3) Cover Up

It’s definitely not a secret that I am a huge fan of head wraps. They are almost part of my summer uniform because I wear them whenever I can, in an effort to stop my hair from drying out from the Texas heat.

2) Co-Wash

3 Easy Ways To Hydrate Your Hair This Summer
Between sweating profusely at Power Yoga and the extremely hot Dallas weather, my hair needs to be hydrated much more often. For me that means increasing my co-washing in between full wash days.  For as long as I’ve been natural, the VO5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioners (especially the Strawberries & Cream) have been one of my go-to conditioners for co-washing.

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The Moisture Milks are inexpensive, smell great and they are effective at giving my hair that much needed boost of moisture in between washes. Did I also mention that they have great slip thus making detangling a breeze?

In the past I have also used the Vo5 conditioners to co-wash while wearing protective styles so I know that they are effective when used that way as well.

As I always say, dry hair is no fun. If you’re having issues with keeping your hair hydrated in this weather, you may need to consider steaming or mid-week co-washes especially if you’re working out or spending lots of time outdoors.

YOUR TURN: How do you keep your hair from drying out in the summer heat? 


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