Aveda Light The Way Candle | 3 Reasons Why You Need One #AvedaCleanWater

I was gifted the Aveda 2016 Earth Month Box with no obligation to post about it.  I’m sharing because I believe in the mission of the campaign and I love this candle 🙂

It has been quite a week. I have been battling with allergies for over a week and my schedule this past week has been crazy, in a a good way, but still crazy. 🙂  Yesterday, I got a nice surprise in the mail from Aveda to end the week. In celebration of earth month (April), Aveda has curated this box which includes the Aveda Love composition oil, a thickening hair tonic and their signature limited edition Light the Way candle.

Giving back is very important to me, so when I learnt about the mission I had to share. So here are three (3) great reasons why you should purchase a limited edition, Light the Way candle™ from Aveda.

1) It’s for a great cause.

100% of the proceeds from the candle goes towards providing clean drinking water to families in India.

Aveda has been dedicated to protecting clean water since 2007. To date they have raised a total of $38 million to support clean water projects globally and this Earth Month (April) we’re celebrating their 10 year anniversary! For the past decade they have also donated 100% of the full $12 suggested retail price of their signature limited edition Light the Way™ Candles, to Global Greengrants Funds, a non-profit organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups seeking to solve pressing environmental problems.

When you purchase just one candle for $12, you are actually helping to provide six months of clean drinking water to a family of six in India.

2) It smells great and serves as a great stress reliever/aromatherapy/self care session.

Remember how I mentioned how crazy my week has been? I have been burning my  Light the Way candle all morning and it’s so relaxing. This year’s candle  has a warm, spicy aroma which permeates the air and leaves you feeling so calm.

3) It’s great for the earth.

aveda-earth-month-box-candle-veepeejayThe Light the Way candle™is housed in a 100% reclaimed glass beverage bottle, and the packaging is fabricated from 90% post-consumer recycled paperboard.  The candle itself is 100% naturally derived soy wax, made with certified organics ginger and ginger lily essential oils from India.

So there you have it, three really great reasons why you need an Aveda Light the Way candle. You can pick up this limited edition candle at Aveda stores or online here. Help “light the way” for a family by helping to provide them with clean drinking water.

YOUR TURN: How do you unwind from your week? 


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