5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Act Like A Success Conference

I am a member of the Act Like A Success Blogger Team and they provided me with compensation for this event. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am super excited to have the opportunity for attend the Act Like A Success Conference in Atlanta from May 13 -15. The conference is a Steve Harvey event which aims to help you discover your gift, fulfill your purpose and create a plan to put it all into action. Last year I attended the Steve Harvey SOAR Retreat and in one word it was amazing! The Act Like A Success conference will be no different.  Allow me to share with you five (5) reasons why you should attend.

1) The Speaker line up is amazing.

In addition to Steve Harvey, speakers include Patrice Washington aka The Money Maven and Doreen Rainey who were both speakers at the SOAR Retreat. These ladies are phenomenal and incredibly inspiring. Other speakers include owner of the award winning multicultural marketing firm EGAMI  Group, Teneshia Jackson Warner, and Emmy Award-winner, repeat Oprah guest, Tedx Speaker, Huffington Post Contributor Rhonda Britton.

2) You will be challenged.

As I mentioned above, last year I attended the SOAR Retreat. I won’t go into a lot of details because I did an entire recap HERE, but it was one of the best personal development conferences I have ever attended…ever. After that retreat, I even more motivated to kick my plans to grow my business into high gear.


3) It’s great for networking

Hello! Networking and developing authentic relationships are so important in your growth. The Act Like A Success Conference will give you the opportunity to network, build and grow with other likeminded individuals from around the globe.

4) Investing in yourself is important

You can’t grow if you don’t invest…period. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am today if I did not invest in my growth.

5) You can win a free VIP ticket

So if you a still unsure if you should attend, I going to make it really easy for you.
You can enter to win one of TWO (2) VIP Tickets (valued at $695). Click HERE to submit your entry.


If you would prefer to go ahead and purchase your ticket now (before they sell out), you can GET YOURS HERE.

YOUR TURN: How do you invest in your personal growth ? Will I be seeing you in Atlanta? 


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  • Jessica

    I attended the conference and it was everything I thought it would be times ten!!! So glad I made the choice to invest in myself!! Can’t wait for the next conference!!

  • I heard great things about this last year! I hope I can go since its here in Atlanta!

    • The retreat I attended was awesome so I’m really looking forward to the conference.

  • Starkey

    This seems like a great conference. I read about it last year. I definitely see it in my future.

  • While I’ve not been to this conference, I’ve been to many conferences similar to this. You’re left feeling so filled up. The real challenge is carrying out what you’ve learned.

    • Definitely. You learn a lot but it’s necessary to take the time to implement what you’ve learned.

  • Oooh, sounds like the place to be! I invest in my personal development through reflection, reading, reevaluating, and talking things out with trusted individuals (like you!).

    • I’m really excited about it! Girl you’re so sweet 😉

  • Man, I wish conferences like this came to Minnesota. People be like, “It’s too cold to host something up North” lol!

    • LOL..You have a point. I guess people tend to flock to where it’s warmer 🙂

  • foodfashionandflow

    Sounds like a good conference and a great opportunity to meet like minded people and network.

  • This sounds awesome! I’ll be back in Atlanta right before the event, so I’ll have to look into this! Thanks for sharing.


  • Tyra

    I have heard the Steve Harvey conferences are excellent. I will have to look into this further for sure.

    • From my experience last year, I can tell you they are amazing.

  • kita

    This right here is something I won’t mind attending so glad that it’s in Atl I am thinking about going but will have to move some things around but it’s so worth it!