The Fear of Failure | Choosing Faith Over Fear – My Story

fear-of-failing-faith-over-fear-veepeejayFEAR of …….. No matter what you insert, if you allow it to, it can hold you hostage, stop you from taking action, cripple you.

I have openly shared about how being willing to step out of my comfort zone changed my life. Every time I write that title, I think of how cliche it sounds, but it’s the truth.

A few months ago I recorded a video about my fear of failure. Yes, I said months. This video was recorded back in September but I was hesitant to upload so it sat there, for two months.

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The Fear of Failure. Choosing Faith Over Fear | My Story.

Watch below…

I also created this wall print as a reminder – More Faith, Less Fear. If you want one, you can download it HERE.

More Faith Less Fear

YOUR TURN: Can you relate?


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  • Love the tee! Yes, it’s scary to put yourself out there, but do it afraid. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Christine St.Vil

    Girl you know I can absolutely relate to this topic! When I look back over the last year, and see how many times I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I see all of the blessings that came as a result. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Like the last chapter of my book: Do it Afraid πŸ™‚ Congrats on doing just that Vashti!

    • Yes, yes! Thanks for all the encouragement Christine.

  • Tyra

    Amazing to share your story! And I love the new name of the clothing line. Such an inspriation VPJ!

  • I feel you, I feel you, I feel you. I’m fearless in some areas and in other areas not so much. I’m trying hard to be BOLD and walk in my purpose.

  • What a wonderful testimony! Fear is such a crutch! Thanks for this!

  • MJ

    Vee, you are such an inspiration to me. I literally let fear keep me at a stand still but every time I check in with you, I’m encouraged to take a little step forward. Thank you for sharing your journey and being that rock.

  • Starkey

    Fear can definitely create a crutch. I can definitely relate to how important it is to let go of fear and follow faith instead.