Meet Ven & Rose

I was doing really well with being consistent with #NaBloPoMo until this weekend. I do have a really good really reason for slipping. I spent the entire weekend working on a “newish” project. Allow me to introduce you to Ven & Rose. Or maybe I should say reintroduce?

Almost three months ago (August 19th), I introduced you to my Apparel line Naturally Inspired Collection. It was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, but I kept procrastinating on because of a million little excuses, and fear.
kinky-curly-yaki-clips-ins-afro-coily-veepeejayI used to be one of those people who had to have everything “perfect” before making a move. This year I intentionally embraced the “done is better than perfect” and “start before you’re ready” mantras. So I’m not saying not to have a plan, but sometimes you truly have to take the leap. It was scary and nerve rattling at times, but the rewards were worth it.

When I launched my Apparel line back in August I literally picked a name and forced myself to put it out there so I could not use the, “I don’t really have a name I like” excuse. However, I knew that I wanted a more meaningful name based on my vision for the brand, but at the time I could not find the right one.

Inspire Mug - Ven & RoseFast forward to this weekend when I finally completed the “rebrand”.  After lots of names choices, thinking and prayer, the Naturally Inspired Collection is now  “Ven & Rose”.
The names Ven & Rose are very special to both my husband & I. The short version is that the brand is now renamed in honor of my grandmother and my mother in law.  Read more about Ven & Rose.

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Today I want to encourage you to start before you’re ready.

Your turn: Do you usually wait for everything to be “perfect” before starting a project? 


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  • So happy for you! I’ve been struggling with trying to get my product out there and just *crickets* but I REFUSE to give up! Continued success!

    • Thanks Alisha. It definitely can be tough but you have to keep at it.

    • Yes that’s the idea. Don’t give up! Thanks Alisha.

  • Tyra

    I love the line and I really do love the inspiration for the name. Great way to pay homage!

  • Congrats! It’s normal to want your projects to be perfect. Especially when it’s something the world is gonna see! I love the rebrand though 🙂

  • Antoinette Cain

    Nice shirts! I agree with your message. We have to push the excuses aside and make things happen.

  • Valerie Robinson

    Wonderful! I have the “Blessed” shirt on my radar – LOVE!

  • Bree Davis

    Good for you to let your hair down and just go after your dreams. There will always be some reason “it” or “you” are not ready. What a great name and it is meaningful. Congrats on making such strides.

  • Holly

    Very nice. I like the shirt your wearing.

  • Love it the name is very nice! My kids want to start their own clothing line and I am trying to get them launched by Christmas as my gift to them. Things can’t always be perfect sometimes you have to build on the way up.

    • Nice , that would be so awesome. Thanks Kita

  • I’d like everything to be perfect before launching a project. But I have learned that that can be a huge barrier to sucess. Sometimes you just have to get things done.

  • I can totally relate. This is my issue right now, but you’ve inspired me to get my life together!

    • Aww, so happy to hear that. Thank you Robin. You can do this.