How To Deal with Dry Natural Hair

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benefits-steaming-natural-hairAfter being natural for over 6 years, and a blogger for 4 of those years, I have had my fair share of natural hair related emails and questions. I think it’s safe to say that the issue that I get asked about the most is dryness. Everywhere I turn, I see naturals plagued with dry hair issues.

A few months ago, I did a reader survey and the number issue most of the respondents had was dryness. I’m excited to share my latest eGuide which focuses and how to deal with dry natural hair.

paperbackbookstanding_849x1126In this guide, I delve into 15 causes of dryness and what corrective action you can take.


Let’s face it, dry hair is NO fun. In this post, I shared 5 causes of dryness. In this eGuide, I delve deeper into over 10 more causes of dryness, and how you can FIX IT. I can tell you that there is a no one size fits all cure for dry hair. In this guide, we delve into causes and effective solutions.

How To Properly Moisturize Dry Hair
I really want to help you get to the bottom of your dry hair issues once and for all.

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