I Rock Bold Purple Natural Hair


What is your name & where are you from?

Alisha originally from Washington, D.C. and now residing in Nashville, TN

How long have you been natural & what do enjoy most about it?This is actually my 2nd time going natural. The first time was 14 years ago and I just kept it cut short. I was getting married and wanted to save money! LOL There were like 2 product lines on the market and I didn’t really have any issues since I wore it so short. Fast forward and I’ve been natural this time for almost 4 years. This go around I did it to help my oldest daughter learn to love and embrace her curls. She always wanted to wear her hair straight and this led to breakage and more issues. So I decided to go natural for her so we could be on the journey together.

Did *going natural* inspire you to make any changes in your life?
I think the biggest change is that I felt I didn’t have to worry about “sleeping” cute or sweating out my hair when exercising. I definitely don’t miss those day!

Have you inspired anyone else to embrace their natural hair?
I have a few friends that I’ve helped to figure out what work best with their hair. A lot of people always told me “I could never do that” or “My hair is too nappy”. So in that regard I feel I’ve helped them learn that their hair is beautiful and with all the products and cute styles it’s even easier to embrace your natural hair.

Have you had any negative experiences in relation to your hair?
I’m fortunate to say that I haven’t experienced any negativity regarding my hair. Since I dyed it purple my dad she says it’s “interesting” but nothing negative…LOL!!!

Have you had any other funny, inspiring or otherwise share worthy experiences you would like to share?
I guess the only funny thing to share it that I’m probably one of the laziest naturals (which is why I LOVE a WNG) and someone asked did I put tiny rollers in to give my hair that look. Just wash, shake and rolled out!

Describe your hair’s personality in 3 words.
Coily, Tempermental, Fun

The style I’m really great at is ______?
Wash and go all day!

What are your TOP 3 products?
Giovanni Direct Leave-in
Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream
KJ Naturals Rosemary Coconut Conditioner

Where can you find you online? 
BLOG: http://coilylocks.com

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