5 Tips for Preparing Your Natural Hair for Colder Weather

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It certainly does not feel like it here in Dallas, but it’s officially fall. The summer heat will soon be replaced with cooler, and eventually colder temperatures. If you had a summer like mine, your hair was probably exposed to lots of sun, chlorine, and, in my case saltwater from the beach.
On a recent visit to my local Target, I stopped by Target Beauty Concierge and had a consultation with the rep who shared 5 Tips for Preparing Your Hair for Colder Weather.


The Target Beauty Concierge is a highly trained beauty enthusiast who is stationed inside Target stores. The Target Beauty Concierge is there to help guests with product recommendations, tips and helpful suggestions for all their beauty-related needs and issues.

preparing-hair-colder-weather-veepeejayHere are the five tips that Cecelia (my Target Beauty Concierge) shared about preparing your hair for colder weather.

1) Moisture restorative products are your friends.
Restoring moisture to your hair as the temperatures continue to fall is important. The colder it gets, the drier your hair will get. Look for products that are highly moisturizing and make deep conditioning a priority in your regimen.

2) Take care of your scalp.
We all know that healthy hair starts from the scalp. Cecelia reiterated the importance of keeping dry scalp at bay . In addition to drinking water, she recommended using a serum formulated for scalp care.

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3) Maintain moisture by protecting your hair at night by sleeping on a satin pillowcase or wearing a satin head scarf.

4) Beat the heat!
If you plan to heat style (like many of us do during the colder months) make sure you incorporate a heat protectant to prevent heat damage.

5) Avoid shampoos that contain stripping ingredients, such as sulfates, and opt for moisturizing shampoos or co- washes instead.

natural-hair-cold-weather-tips  It has been a while since I bought new products, so I decided to try out some new (to me) items based on the Target Beauty Concierge’s recommendations. If you know me well, then you know I love a great deal. I struck gold and found many of Cecelia’s recommendations on sale at my local Target. Score! I can’t wait to try out these new goodies.

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preparing-hair-for-fall-veepeejay-targey target-beauty-concierge-dallas-veepeejay
The next time you’re in Target, look for your Target Beauty Concierge. I spent over an hour chatting with mine and she was so friendly and helpful. Whether you need help picking out makeup or hair products/tools to achieve a particular look, or you want to learn how to apply lashes, they are there to help. Nothing beats having someone right there with you to help you with your beauty needs.

Find your style @TargetStyle!

YOUR TURN: How are you preparing your hair for the colder months?


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  • RattlesandHeels

    I have to check this out at Target, I’m actually headed there to get hair products LOL I’m definitely going to be using heat this winter.I already caught a cold and I suspect it’s from air drying.

  • Tyra

    This is so cool of Target. I want to talk to a Beauty Concierge! But I also don’t want to go into Target because I go in for 2 items and come out $200 later…

    • LOL..I know right. It;s a trap. It is a great service though.

  • This must be new at target…I am definitely going to ask for the Beauty Concierge for help.

    • It is not super new but I think they are rolling it out in more stores.

  • I can’t remember seeing a beauty concierge at my Target. But i’ll certainly be looking for her/him next time.

    • I think they may be rolling them in more stores.

  • I love Target’s concerirge. They help me find things, but I’ve never thought to ask them for advice.

    • Yes, I love that there is someone there to help you.

  • So… bag! 🙂 LOL
    As for colder weather prep, I pretty much follow all of these tips. Moisture is so important! Drinking enough water becomes a challenge for me as it gets cooler out so I have to really force myself to remember to do it.

    • LOL..girl I’m a bag lady, I can’t help it.

      Me too. I’ve been really trying to get more water in. It’s always a struggle though.

  • I haven’t seen one of these beauty concierges at Target before! How cool. During the winter, I have to moisturize (and deep condition) a lot more often. I’m always in target grabbing more conditioners.

    • Yes, I love deep conditioning more than anything else. lol

  • Holly

    I go to Target, probably too much, and I have never seen a beauty concierge. In fact i was there earlier and I was wishing I had someone around to ask some questions.

    • I think they may be rolling them out in more stores. You can ask if your store has one during your next visit.

  • Wow I had no idea Target had a beauty concierge! This is just taking Target to the next level I love it and I love their beauty department they have basically everything I need!

    • Girl yes! Everything right there, with someone dedicated to helping you. That’s definitely a good thing