Easy Vintage Wedding Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Natural Bride - Vintage Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Natural Bride - Vintage Hairstyles for Natural Hair

I LOVE weddings! There’s just something about watching two people walk down the aisle that makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Yes, I’m one of those people 😉 Almost 8 years ago, way before I even thought of going natural, I walked down the aisle at my own wedding.

Since it’s “wedding season”, my curl friends Tina (MissT1806), Lianne (Chronicurls) and I decided to collaborate to provide some natural hair wedding style options. We are sharing style options that can work for a wedding guest, a bridesmaid, and of course the bride 🙂
I absolutely love fascinators, and I used one as the inspiration for this Easy Vintage Wedding Hairstyle for Natural Hair.

Vintage Bridal Style for Natural Hair
Easy Natural Hair Style for Brides
Natural Hair Style for Brides with a Fascinator
4c-hair-styles-brides-natural-hair-veepeejayWedding Hairstyle for Natural HairNatural Hair Bride - Style with Fascinator
To say I had fun with this collab video is an understatement. I was so tempted to pull out my original wedding dress, but the (already) sweltering Dallas heat quickly made me realize that that was not such a good idea. Instead I opted for the simple white eyelet dress that has been sitting in my closet for a while.

Now on to the hair details. Check out how I achieved this Easy Vintage Wedding Hairstyle for Natural Hair in the video below.

Watch  > Tina’s Video


Watch > Lianne’s Video


YOUR TURN: Have you ever worn a fascinator? Would you wear one? 


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  • You all look beautiful! I really love the vintage look as well. I’ll definitely be rocking my natural hair in all of its glory when that day comes. #blmgirl

  • Christine St.Vil

    I really love the vintage look. My girlfriend’s wedding look was almost identical and it was so classy and timeless.

    • Thanks Christine. I’m definitely a fan of the vintage look.

  • FashionPlateKC

    Beautiful hairstyles! I love your veil. If my daugthers remain natural. I would love their hair like this.

  • Beautiful dos! And I just love your pics. Very stylish sis!

  • I love the vintage look, I have visions of how I would want to look should I step down the aisle. I love a bride that isn’t afraid to step outside of the box.

  • I love seeing brides doing the natural updo thang. If I get married, my groom better be ok with the hairstyle I wear every day– I swear I’m not growing it out again but I guess I should never say never…

    • lol…thanks Kerri. You might be surprised.

  • Love the vintage hairstyle! Very pretty. I’d definitely rock my natural bride hair if I ever get remarried.

  • Holly

    Great look. You look so pretty.

  • Love vintage bride video you look awesome in white and the hairstyle for natural. Looks easy to do.

  • You look amazing! I said I wanted to be a natural bride when its my time…I love my natural hair so much I no longer want the traditional bridal looks. Natural bride hair for me thanks for the inspiration its beautiful!