Self Care: 4 Simple Ways To Take Care Of You

Self Care - Take Care Of You

Self Care - Take Care Of You
This past week and a half has been…well kinda crazy. As you can imagine, since I got back from Grenada, I’ve been playing the game of catch up, and it feels like I need a vacay from my workcation 🙂
To add to it all, A LOT has been going on in the world, from the earthquake in Nepal to the sadness in Baltimore, social media has been a crazy place.

Like I do often, last Sunday I unplugged and took some time for take care of me. Well, this “self care” has continued throughout this week because I feel like my mind and body need it. What have I been doing? Here are 4 Simple Ways To Take Care Of You


Everyone deals with things differently, but I find that unplugging and “detoxing” helps me to focus. I wrote about “Why I Unplug from Social Media” last year.



I like to go strolling in the mall 🙂 It doubles as an easy way to get some exercise and clear my head, while getting in a little retail therapy 🙂 I’m pretty disciplined, so going into the mall isn’t going to cause me to do too much impulse shopping.  But a little treat never hurt anyone. If you’re trying to avoid the mall, take a stroll outside and get some fresh air. lush-cosmetics-brazened-honey
Yesterday I headed to LUSH Cosmetics where I picked up their Brazened Honey Mask and a few samples of new items, I hadn’t tried before.  My skin has been acting extra crazy lately, so I’ll update you on how the mask works, because it comes highly recommended by my friend Julian.



I do a pretty good job at eating well, but there is always room for improvement. This week I’ve been making an extra effort to eat clean, and having my smoothies is a big part of that.

self-care-eat-well-smoothie4) READ

Curl up with a good book, relax and enjoy the moment. Looking for recommendations? My friend Siobhan of BeFree Project has list of 5 Books That Will Change Your Life.

YOUR TURN: I want to know. What are some of the ways you take care of yourself?


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