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Real Brown Girls | VeePeeJayA few months ago, I sat down for a Skype interview to share my story with the ladies over at Real Brown Girls. We talked about my blogging journey, self esteem, success, motivation, natural hair and more! I’m really excited to be featured on such an awesome platform and share my Real Brown Girls feature with you.


Real Brown Girls (RBG) is a safe space for Brown Women to explore the easiest topics to discuss and those reserved for the quiet space of our minds. The Real Brown Girls Team is committed to providing quality and honest content to the RBG community. We support with judgment telling the stories of Brown Women near and far. We celebrate our uniqueness without fear. We love unconditionally. We tell our stories unapologetically.

Real Brown Girls is here to be true to every brown girl, unapologetically.


Here’s a short excerpt of my interview:

RBG : What motivates you to keep working towards your ultimate dream or goal?

I want to help people and I want to be successful. Success for me means living the life that God has already designed for me. There have been times when I’ve thought of going in a different direction, but then I receive messages saying how much something I shared changed their life or inspired them.
Sometimes you don’t realize how much what you do, affects someone else’s life. That motivates me to keep going. My husband and immediate family members are also very supportive and encourage me to keep going.

To read my entire interview go HERE.


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