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Waiting for Spring | VeePeeJay

Waiting for Spring | VeePeeJay

Hello March! I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the first quarter of 2015. It seems like I just wrote my favorite posts of 2014.

March is definitely my favorite month of the year. Not only does it usher it Spring, but it’s also my birth month. My birthday also happens to fall on the first day of Spring! After reading LaShawn over at  EveryDay EyeCandy ‘s post I was inspired to share. 🙂


ANTICIPATING: Spring! It’s been so cold lately. Last week Dallas practically shut down due to ice, sleet and snow. This week we’re expecting more icy weather and cold temperatures. Come on SPRING!

DRINKING: Lots of Matcha Green Tea. I’ve always been a tea lover, and I love green tea. A few weeks ago I purchased some Matcha Green tea. and I’ve been adding it to my smoothies and drinking it in warm water. One glass of Matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. Yes, it’s that potent. The taste does take some getting used to but it’s not too bad.


LEARNING: To use my new camera. A few weeks ago I dropped my camera and damaged the lens 🙁 I recently got a replacement (Canon T5i)  so I’ve been spending a lot of time in YouTube University learning all I can. I shared the long story behind the new camera on Instagram.

Praise Break!! ???????? As my mother would say "let me tell you about the God I serve!" About 3 weeks ago, literally a few minutes before I was about to record the "takedown" of one of my styles, I dropped the camera that I used for the past 3 years, face first, and the lens got stuck. I honestly panicked because the video was due that week! ???????? Then I prayed! God knew all the things I had to work on, that I NEEDED my camera for. How could this happen now !? ???? I had a smaller camera that I used to film the rest of the video <—super grateful for that. Long story short, it would cost me more than I paid for my old camera to repair it. Plus they discontinued that model. In series of events that were NOTHING BUT THE GRACE OF GOD, I was able to get a new camera! I honestly hesitated to post this. It is not so much about the fact that I have a "fancy camera" (it's just another "thing" to me ????), as it is to testify about God's goodness, faithfulness and provision. When you trust God for EVERYTHING…. ???????????? Shoutout to I'sha of @honeybenaturalmag who didn't hesitate to volunteer to let me borrow one of her cameras in the meantime ???????? #godisfaithful #trusthim #wonthedoit #learningeverythingfromYoutubeUniversity #T5i #veepeejay

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WATCHING: I don’t always have time to watch TV, but I caught the premiere of the new ABC show “Secrets & Lies” and I like it so far. I usually have to play catch up after shows air, but I think I may keep up with this one. We’ll see…

WORKING ON: A gift for my blog friends. Make sure you’re on the LIST 😉

YOUR  TURN: What have you been up to lately? 


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  • RattlesandHeels

    Somehow I like the smell of green tea. I used to hate it but I love the smell now. So I’m kind of interested in Matcha Green tea. I have the Canon Rebel T3i and I am still learning to use it properly. I need to take some courses at YouTube University too.

  • YouTube University is pretty much accurate. Even though I primarily use YouTube to catch up on music, every now and again I do check out tutorials. Especially, beauty related.

    I’m a huge TV person so I do know of “Secret and Lies”. Main reason for me to watch was to support my (baby) Ryan Phillipe. Yet to catch the premiere but will do so this week. One show I’m loving so much is “Empire”. It’s really good.

  • I LOL’d at “YouTube University” because that’s exactly what I call it. I really need to figure out how to use my canon too. Never thought about using YouTube for that.

    • LOL! Well that’s exactly what it is. You can learn practically anything there 🙂

  • Nancy Laws

    Anticipating spring here too! I mean can you imagine how bad it is in OH?!?!?! My hubby keeps saying if you hate the cold so much, why did you want to move here? Lol #brownbloglove

    • LOL! Yes it’s getting to be a bit much. Thanks for stopping by Nancy

  • Who knew that it snowed in Dallas! Hope you guys stayed warm and cozy! I have had my eye on Matcha Tea for a while and am still doing some research before I purchase. Also, let me how you love new camera. I have been trying to decide between the T5i and the Nikon D5300.

    • LOL…you’re not the first person to make that comment about Dallas getting snow. It happens, not super often that why it shuts the whole city down.
      Will do. I have a friend who has the D5300 and she loves it. So far I love the t5i. Will keep you posted.

  • Holly

    I am very curious about what exactly this tea tastes like. I love tea, but I am not sure I would want to sacrifice taste. I love TV and have actually been trying to catch up to everything on my DVR since I came back into the country. I guess that is because I am in entertainment. I love movies too, which I also need to catch up on.

    • It actually smells worse than it tastes. It like an amped up version of green tea. I used to love TV but somehow I can’t find the time these days. I do try to get a little netflix in on the weekends though 🙂

  • Green Pure Matcha Tea for tea lover don’t drink the taste is different…. should heard it is healthy. Thanks for sharing

    • It sure is Patrice! I’m getting used to it though. Thanks for stopping by.