Science of Transitioning to Natural Hair | Review + GIVEAWAY

I received a copy of The Science of Transitioning for Review. All opinions are my own 

Transitioning to Natural Hair

Transitioning to Natural Hair is a journey within itself. Not only do you have to deal with two textures of hair, there is also a mental transition as well. The Science of Black Hair (my natural hair bible) author, Audrey Davis-Sivasothy has taken the guess work out of the transitioning process with her newest book, The Science of Transitioning

Like her two previous books, this one is well written, easy to read and packed with useful tips and information for transitioners and new naturals. If I had a guide like this, I mostly likely would have transitioned for much longer than 3 months.

I had the opportunity to review The Science of Transitioning and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is thinking about transitioning, already in the transitioning process, new naturals or even “veteran” naturals like myself, who love soaking up knowledge 🙂

What it Covers:

  • The Transitioning Journey including a sample regimen guide & hair style ideas
  • The Emotional/mental transition
  • Tips on Dealing with unsupportive family and friends
  • Owning your journey and so much more….

Check out my complete review in the video below


The Science of Transitioning to Natural Hair | Review + Giveaway

The Science of Transitioning Book Giveaway

YOUR TURN: Did you transition or are you currently transitioning? How is your experience/ what was your experience like?

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  • Robert Smith

    Thank you for such a wonderful article dear. i am using transitioning milk shea moisture from long and its really effective.

  • LaWanda S

    I didn’t transition, but my daughter is

  • MJ

    I am currently transitioning and this book is something I am sure I need!!! It hasn’t been easy but I am still holding on at almost a year in.

  • Kay’s Ways

    I’ve considered transitioning a few times actually. This would be a great book to read. Even though I’m texlaxed I love to soak up all healthy hair care info

  • Fran Noel

    My hair is totally natural but I still feel like I’m transitioning. I’m hoping that after reviewing your hair care tips videos I can truly feel comfortable in my natural. Its not the first time being natural for me…over 3 cuts…but there’s so much to learn.

  • I’m currently transitioning and I plan to go at least a year before cutting off the relaxed ends.

  • Toia B.

    I transitioned for about 8 or 9 months. Like you, I had no idea that what I was doing was called transitioning when I stopped relaxing in 2009. I just did it and made the best of it. I did a lot of protective styles like cornrows, a sew-in and my go-to was pulling my hair back and adding a synthetic afro puff.

    I was fine until that fateful wash day when I tried to detangle. I was too through with this one knot, grabbed the scissors and cut my straight ends off. I asked my closest natural friend what she used which got me started. In hindsight, I used the wrong shampoo, the wrong “moisturizers”… yeah. LOL! That book would have come in handy!

  • KreamyKurls

    My experience: I didnt start out transitioning, I tried the hair journey thing (stretching my relaxer) first in Nov 2009 and it didnt go so well. My hair broke off alot and got thin. I didnt to stretch my relaxer again and do some more research. I ended up making it to 6 months and decided I’d try to go natural. It was hard because I didnt have a lot of support but I told myself if I can get all of my hair (natural and relaxed) to bsl then I’d just go natural. Reason being because I went on my first stretch because I wanted long hair like the ladies I saw on tv- so it I accomplished that would be out the way and then I would rock my natural hair. I transitioned for 3 years transition chop Jan 2, 2014 officially 1 year natural now! 😀

  • KreamyKurls

    I transitioned for 3 years before the transition chop. Looks like a great book; trying to win to pass on to one of my frennies.

  • Morena Azucar

    I didn’t transition when I went natural in 1997 there were no other naturals in my small town and all I knew to do was cut all my hair. This book would have been so helpful. I would like the book so I can help some people I know who are thinking of going natural