Perm Rod Set using BeeMine Products

BeeMine Products Review

 *I received these products from BeeMine products. The video shared in this post is sponsored. All opinions are my own*

BeeMine Products Review

I finally tried my first perm rod set on my natural hair. For the past two months, I’ve been incorporating items from BeeMine products into my regimen and I decided to use try out a “new” style.

I’ve used Bee Mine products in the past and I loved them. In fact, I reviewed and raved about their deep conditioner back in 2012. Read it  HERE. My thoughts on the Deep Conditioner remain the same.

A few months ago, I received a few items from Bee Mine products to try.

Review of Bee Mine ProductsHere’s what I received:

To be totally honest, the products work really well and they smell amazing. I got all my products in the Coconut Cream scent. If you love Coconut, you’ll love this scent.

The Botanical shampoo does its job of cleansing without stripping. I’m not a huge shampoo person, but I also don’t have anything bad to say about it.

Deja’s Hair Milk & Luscious Balanced Moisturizer are both great moisturizers. The Deja’s Hair Milk is lighter and helps to detangle. The Luscious is thick and creamy and really gets the job done. Only a small amount is needed at one time.

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The Hair Growth Serum is a highly concentrated potion which contains sulfur and works great as a sealant. It is also available without sulfur. I can’t say I’ve seen any hair growth from using it so far but I love the consistency and the way it makes my hair feel.

Bee Mine Curly ButterThe Curly Butter is another one of my favorites. It provides a soft hold and definition and reduces frizz. I have used it for my twist outs but I was  slightly hesitant about using for a perm rod set since it was so light, and my hair was is so kinky. I’m happy to report that it worked really well.

BeeMine Curly Butter Perm Rod SetWatch the products in action + my perm rod set in the video below. The folks at BeeMine are also helping me spread some love with a coupon code just for you.


YOUR TURN: Have you tried any new styles lately? Have you used any of BeeMine Products? 

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