Inspiration from Around the Web- 5 Posts I Loved in January


I have quite a few favorite blogs, but everyday I find new ones that are equally awesome. Last year I found, and a few months later, Siobhan (owner of BeFreeProject) and I met at Blogalicious Siobhan is genuine, down to earth kinda gal so we hit it off immediately.  She is actually the inspiration behind this post.
A few weeks ago I was reading one of her posts where she mentioned sharing what she was inspired by. I thought it was a great idea, and told her I’d borrow it 🙂

Inspirational Bloggers

So here we are. Here are some of the many amazing posts I came across last month. I plan to share my monthly inspirations so that you too can part take in the awesomeness.



1) BeFreeProject 52 Week Challenge Review
As I mentioned above, Siobhan of BeFreeProject is awesome, even more so because she read 52 non-fiction books last year! I love reading but finding time to do is sometimes a challenge. Siobhan breaks down how she did it and even shares a freebie.
Check out her post > HERE.



2) FabHauteMama – Project52 Blue + Baby Update
I’m not going to lie, MJ of FabHauteMama is one of my favorites. She is like a long lost sister and her daughter Zoe is like my pretend niece 😀
MJ revealed the sex of her newest addition on her blog last week. Apart from her sense of humor and great attitude, MJ is great at storytelling. In this post, I was definitely inspired by her faith and the fact that she is doing Yoga & Strength training. She is definitely one FabHauteMama!
Check out her post > HERE


4) Thriftanista in the City’s – DIY Straight Leg Jeans
I just love LeTroy of TITC’s style. As her name suggests she is a Thriftanista, who always has the most amazing finds. I recently found her blog and enjoy reading her thrifting tips, style posts and DIY. I loved how easy this DIY Straight Leg Jeans post was.
Check out her post > HERE



4) Rattles & Heels – Warm Kale Salad
Adanna of Rattles & Heels is another one of my faves. She is also Grenadian so we have that is common as well. She is another Fab Mom of two fabulous kids (also my pretend niece and nephew) who shares tips on looking great while raising great kids.
Her Warm Kale salad had me drooling, and I was inspired to eat kale and try a warm salad. (I love Kale but I mainly drink it in my smoothies).
Check out her post > HERE

5) ByRegina’s How to Create Epic Digital Downloads with Apple Pages
Let me just say that if you’re a blogger,creative or entrepreneur and you aren’t hip to Regina, you need to get on board 🙂 She is the creator of the Epic Blog Planner that I love so much.
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Regina is pretty much all around awesome and she was right on time with this post. 🙂 I was literally trying to figure out what program to use for my next project and this post from her showed up in my feed.
Check out her post > HERE

 YOUR TURN: Who or What have you been inspired by lately? 

Until next time



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