Tea Time with Bigelow #AmericasTea

Tea Time with Bigelow #AmericasTea #shop #Cbias

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Tea Time with Bigelow #AmericasTea #shop #Cbias

As a child tea was always the first line of defense for everything. From the moment I complained about stomach pains, an itchy throat or the “sniffles” my Mom & Grandma had a cup of tea ready.

As an adult, tea is still my go-to for all things. Fall is officially cold and flu season, and for me it’s the time when my allergies flare up. Bigelow tea helps me everytime.

I remember when I got my first bout of  what I later found out was seasonal allergies. I was in my second semester of Undergraduate studies and I felt like I was going to die. A quick visit to the campus clinic and the doctor reassured me that this wasn’t this case. *whew*. Being from an island, my body was just not used to the rapid temperature change.

This past weekend, we got our first real taste of Fall with a major temperature fluctuation here in Dallas. Like clockwork my allergies started acting up. Naturally, I headed to Walmart to make sure I had my stock of tea, because I know that this is just the beginning of a long season.



The Bigelow Lemon Ginger is one of my favorites. I love that is also has probiotics that help with immunity and digestion. It really helps to soothe my sore, itchy throat. I drink at least two cups a day. I also love the “I Love Lemon” tea because it contains Vitamin C which also helps to fight the “bugs”. Plus they both taste so good.

At nights, I reach for the Cozy Chamomile which helps me get a good night’s rest. I love to take deep breaths and inhale the steam which helps with night time congestion. Whether you’re suffering with the cold, flu or allergies, you know that getting a good night’s rest is so important. If I don’t sleep well, I’m barely able to function the next day.


Here are some fun facts about Bigelow tea:

  • Bigelow Tea is All American: 100% American made by an American Family; an American Company for the American consumer. Available at an American Retailer – Walmart.
  • Bigelow Tea’s Charleston Tea Plantation is America’s largest working tea garden.
  • Guests are invited to the Charleston Tea Plantation for weddings, tours and even a variety of music festivals. It’s a tea-riffic way to experience historic Southern culture and a living piece of American history!

Did you know that almost 4 million bags of tea have been sent to troops overseas with Bigelow’s Tea for Troops program? Find additional information about Tea for Troops HERE

beat-cold-season-bigelow-teaI also love the fact that you can tell who packed each box. Thanks Trina M for helping me get a good night’s rest. 🙂

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YOUR TURN: Are you a tea lover as much as I am? What’s your favorite?

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