Bantu Knot Out – Making It Work

Bantu Knot Out 4b/4c #naturalhair

I often hear “your hair is always on point” or “my styles are always a fail, yours always turn out great”. Well I’m here to tell (and show) you that this is not the case. Bantu Knots & Bantu Knot Out styles are always hit or miss for me.
Bantu Knot Out 4b/4c #naturalhair
This past weekend, I decided to give the Bantu Knot Out a chance..again. I started on dry hair and add a small amount of Curls Goddess Curls Gel to each section on Friday night. On Saturday (after sleeping fairly well *win*) I work up and was really excited about this Bantu Knot Out I would be rocking later than evening.

bantu-knot-out-4b-4c-hairWell as you can see (in the video below) my hair didn’t turn out as (I) expected. After 16+ hours some knots were still damp. Womp!

I was on my way to Zane’s “The Other Side of Pillow” stage play as a guest of CURLS so I had to make it work. A little Blueberry Control Paste for my edges and two bobby pins later I was out the door.


The play was great and we even had a chance to meet the cast at the CURLS VIP Meet & Greet.


Of course my hair continued to morph as the night went on. It’s been in the 90s in Dallas lately so it was inevitable.

zane-other-side-of-the-pillow-stage-play2Le sigh. I guess I’ll try again.
Check out how it all went down in the video below.

YOUR TURN: Have you mastered the Bantu Knot Out? Share your best tips below 🙂 

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