Achieve Your Unique Style with Motions

This is a sponsored post for Motions through The bLink Marketing Network and Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.

The twist out is one of my favorite natural hair styles. You can so much with a twist out to switch things up and achieve a unique style.

I am also a huge fan of the twist over look. It’s a great way to recycle a twist out gone wrong or to create a more sophisticated look.

Check out this how-to video, where expert stylist Ursula shows you how easy it is to achieve this style using Motions Hair products.

No matter what type of hair type or texture you may have, Motions products will keep your hair looking as strong and beautiful as you are, enabling you to achieve a unique style that is all your own.

Achieve Your Unique Style with Motions #UrsulaforMotions


Are you interested in trying out this look for yourself? Walgreens has a special deal on Motions products for the month of September. Kits are 25% off and select Motions products are on sale for only $3.49!

YOUR TURN: Have you tried the Motions products? Is the twist over a style you will try? Leave a comment below.

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