How to Style Two Strand Twists

how to style Mini Twists

how-to-style-twists1 By now you know that Two Strand Twists is one of my favorite Natural Hair styles. They are super versatile and can be pinned and twisted into some many different styles. I’m frequently asked about how to style two strand twists, so I decided to share my process in this post. styling mini twistsThis was actually my first attempt at twisting my hair (to wear as is) since my hair cut. I opted for medium sized twists since the mini version would have taken longer to complete at my current hair to style Mini twistsOne this occasion, I twisted my hair using Aunt Cookies Moisture Cream by Texture Me Natural. I love how thick and creamy this product is, and the fact that it keeps my hair moisturized for 3-4 days.

I recorded this quick video showing the process I go through to pin up my twists. The beauty of styling your twists is the endless number of styles you can come up with. Never be afraid to experiment with your twists.

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YOUR TURN: Do you wear two strand twists as a “style”? How do you make them wearable?

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