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Beautysets - Natural Hair Black Friday Wishlist
It’s almost here….Black Friday 2013. Time to stock up on favorites and try out new hair products.

I admit that I used to have “product junkie” tendencies but that urge to try new products has gone away a bit.

But don’t be fooled, I’m not dead, I still see lots of interesting and intriguing products on my Instagram and Facebook timelines and I take note 🙂This is my “wishlist”. These are the products that caught my attention during the last few months.1) Hairveda Vatika Frosting ($10.99)

  • Everyone, and I mean everyone raves about this. My girlfriend 20pearlsNcurls told me I might reach for a spoon if I got it. What!?

2) Bel Nuovo CoCo Castor Pudding ($10.00)

  • Another product that received rave reviews.
3) Kuzuri Beauty Cocoa Vanilla Deep Conditioner ($10.00)

  • I learnt about this DC via Confessions of a Blog Vixen. She compared it to BASK Cacao Bark (which I’ve never tried), and recommended it as a cheaper alternative.

4) BASK Condensed Custard ($14.00)

  • This is a body cream that also received raves. I’ve also seen it used for styling. I love multi-functional products.
5) Beija Flor Natural Agave Aloe Skin Polisher ($16)
  • I’m blaming my girl KinkyCurlyLiebe for this one. Her review of this product along with my beloved Creme Brulee had me all excited. It’s a skin care item but I’m definitely intrigued.
6) Q Redew Handheld Steamer  ($69.95)
  • This was another hot, talked about item this year, but  my girl 4CHairChick had to make a video showing how she used it. I already have a steamer that I don’t always get along with, but it would be nice if Santa bought me this one. I don’t want to make the investment but that doesn’t stop me from putting it on my list 🙂
  • Every where I turn someone is raving about this, and a lot of the other Soultanicals goodies. What’s a girl to do!? I had to put it on my list.
  • Yet another raved about item this year. The shipping costs I’m not sure about though, but hey, no harm in putting it on my list, right?
                                  So, what’s on your Black Friday list? 
Until next time

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  • I’ve seen many positive reviews on Soultanicals as well so I’m gonna have to check out some of their products! I’m always searching for the next great moisturizer lol

  • Lucky502

    I’m hoping for some deep discounts (yeah, right!) on Karen’s Body Beautiful. I am a FIEND for the Sweet Ambrosia and the Butter Love. Also, I wouldn’t mind trying some of Shescentit’s and B.A.S.K.’s offerings. I’ve heard a lot about both of those product lines.

    As for the poster “nappy headed black girl”, LOL @ your avatar. I feel you, girl.

  • nappy headed black girl

    Thanks for the list. This is my first time hearing of this steamer. I checked out the reviews on Amazon and they seem mixed. I also looked at 4C Chick’s video. I’ve never seen someone use a steamer as a detangler before. Interesting.

    I’ve been saying since forever that I need to get a hooded dryer. I think this may be the year.