Blunt Shears….Oh My!

Approximately 6.5 weeks ago when I did my “Twisted Pin Up, Twist out Bangs” style, I dusted my ends. After twisting up my hair, I simply snipped off the ends and they felt amazing afterwards, as I expected. 

My hair after my dusting…6 weeks ago.
As I was prepping my hair for my Crochet braids with Marley hair, I really noticed that my ends were feeling and looking really raggedy. What gives? I did notice the difference about a week or two earlier but I after moisturizing it felt a bit better.

I don’t have a trimming schedule, but I don’t usually have to do such ‘severe” trimming so often.  Before I snipped off this set of ends. I decided to examine my shears and noticed that it looked and felt like it needed to be sharpened. I had found the culprit.  

The spoils 🙂  
Although I store my shears by itself, and use it only to trim my ends, it is expected that over time, it will become dull/blunt. I just needed to pay attention.

You already know that I love shears, so I happily snipped of the offending ends and went on my merry way. Lesson learned. Make sure you shears and sharp before snipping ladies.

Oh, I think I cut off about 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch overall.

Do you trim your own hair? If so, what type of shears do you use? 

Until tomorrow

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