20 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by my #31Writenow challenge buddies (and makers of the popular iTwists, iFro, iLoc tees) over at Naturally Supreme to do share 20 random facts about me.

Here we go:

1) I’m currently wearing green nail polish on my toes.

2) I’m in love with Fedoras

3) I love watermelons.

4) I’m currently reading “Life Interrupted” by Priscilla Shirer

5) I’ve come up with some of my best ideas while in the shower.

6) The first time I wore red lipstick in public was Jan 1, 2013

7) I am Grenadian.

8) I’ve taken 3 levels of cake decorating classes.

9) I love Power Yoga.

10) I love citrus scented candles.

11) I tend to lose weight very easily.

12) I love 20/20, Dateline and any news magazine shows

13) I’m intrigued by Forensic Science.

14) I used to bite my finger nails until I was about 20. One day I just decided to stop and haven’t bitten my nails since.

15) I love fruit infused water.

16) I have no brothers.

17) Both of my Grandfathers are deceased and both of my Grandmothers are alive.

18) I can’t swim.

19) I love fruit.

20) I was born in March.

Share some random facts about yourself in the comments.

Until next time

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  • Lol..people say I’m a nerd but I love figuring stuff out. If I wasn’t afraid of blood/dead people, I would have studied Forensic science. You should go back..I love it. I can definitely see my body getting longer. Thanks for stopping by.

  • lol..I’m glad i’m not alone. I was wondering if that was TMI. Us Caribbean folk need to do better on the swimming. I’m off to read your post now 🙂

  • Yay. I’ll check it out. You should post more often. I love reading other people’s blogs 🙂

  • Yay to 12 and 13! Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery are my favorites. Our DVR is full of them! I would like to get into Yoga again. I used to do it before we moved here…that was nine years ago!

  • Toia B.

    Girl I’m with you on #5!! My mind is always going in the shower. That’s usually where I create my outfits! Lol Oh, I can’t swim either… That’s going on my list (which I’m doing right now!) 😉

  • Gina Gyal

    I just did 20 random facts on my blog (that I rarely post on lol)!

  • Yay…I remember that from Facebook 🙂
    I don’t mind the smell of rain, just not freshly cut grass 🙂

  • Sha42508

    I was born in March
    I love the smell of rain
    I could live on pizza and cereal lol

  • Shhhhh…lol. I’m about to learn.

    Ok, cool. I took French and Spanish for 5 years but with lack of practice….. :/

  • nappy headed black girl

    You can’t swim? Shame on you, Vee. Swimming is my favorite summer activity.

    Hmm…a couple of facts about me:

    1 I love to swim 🙂
    2 I’m an only child.
    3 Je parle francais.