Less is More. Twist out Day 9 and Counting?

A twist out is a twist out, is a twist out….right?  Well I tend to think so, which is why I don’t make many posts about the ones I wear, unless of course I think it’s share worthy. This one is definitely worth talking about! Ya’ll I’m on Day 9!!! 
Retwisted on Day 3

How, you ask? Well it just kinda happened. I washed my hair last week ago and allowed it to dry without adding any product which is not something I normally do. I always add a leave in while my hair is damp, and if my hair dries I always dampen it before my moisturizing routine.

Enter one of my favorite twisting combos….Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu Treatment Masque and JBCO. You saw me rave about this combo earlier this year when it gave me a really awesome twist out.

Twist out Day 1
I was however, really surprised at how awesome, soft, light and fluffy my hair felt after I took the my twists down, after using ONLY those two products on DRY hair. You see, my hair is prone to dryness, I usually have to layer on products in an effort to keep it moisturized. 
Day 6 (With my college classmates Marie & Natalie at Curlfriends Chat & Mixer). 

At this point my hair is still very soft, light and fluffy. I re-wist every night of course, but I only added product on Day 1, Day 3, and Day 6.  I’ll probably add a little bit of the Masque and some JBCO to my ends tonight, but my hair certainly doesn’t feel anything close to dry. Now I don’t want to wash my hair!  

This was definitely a case of “less is more”. Maybe it’s time to give my product stash a makeover…

How do you get you longest lasting twist outs? Feel free to share below

Until next time

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