Taking Shape: My Salon Experience

That “orange” glow is part lighting, part Henna

Welcome March, my favorite month of the year 😉

If you’re on my Facebook page or you read this post, you would have seen me acting like a giddy school girl after confirming my  first salon appointment in over 3 years. I was so ready to get rid of those old raggedy ends and give my hair some new life, with a new shape.

Waiting to get my Hair done. 🙂  

After doing a ton of research and going back and forth, and back and forth some more, I settled on “Muse the Salon” here in Dallas. Lanre, my stylist was great from beginning to end, and I really enjoyed my time with her.

As you already know, I have no fear when it comes to scissors so I was ready for the snipping.

Can you tell that I’m loving my new shape? I am!

See my VLOG below for my experience.

Have you ever had your hair shaped? Please feel free to share your experiences below.

Until next time

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