Deep Conditioning with Heat: Steamers, Wraps, Hot Heads??

Deep conditioning my hair is a step that I never skip. I do it every time I wet my hair, whether I’m co-washing or shampooing. When my hair is in mini twists, I apply coconut oil and sit under my steamer. Deep conditioning your hair helps to moisturize and nourish the hair. It helps prevent dryness and breakage, strengthens the hair and helps with elasticity and bounce. 
I like to deep condition with heat. Body heat is good, but I prefer to add a little extra heat. I’ve had my steamer (pictured above) for over a year and if you’ve read my review, you’ll know that it has it’s shortcomings. It’s awkward to sit under and I’ve been scorched one too many times from the water that collects in the little groove at the back of the steamer. Maybe I’m clumsy but because the steamer is so lightweight,  I always seem to bump it and the water ends up on my scalp. NO BUENO!!! 
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I also own a hair therapy wrap that no longer functions well because the gel packs are old. For the time I’d had the wrap, I felt like certain parts of my hair (the back especially) didn’t benefit from the heat, due to its design. I know that there is an updated model of the wrap but I don’t think I’m interested. *shrugs*

I was actually considering getting an old school heat cap, but sometimes I don’t like to be confined. I want to multi-task while I’m deep conditioning. This is the same reason I don’t use my hooded dryer :/

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I was intrigued by this “HotHead Thermal Conditioning Cap” after I saw a post on my Facebook timeline. I followed the link to an Etsy store and discovered that the caps were filled with Flaxseeds. To use the cap, you’d microwave the entire thing, put on a plastic cap and then the HotHead. It is said to maintain heat for up to 40 minutes. My curiosity was piqued so of course I started looking for reviews. I couldn’t find many, but one of the complaints was that the Hot head is not washable.

I’m not sure how that would work out because deep conditioner almost always seeps out of the plastic cap and over time it will build up on the rim of the cap.  Despite that minor detail, I’m still considering it. I will contact the shop owner with my queries before I make a decision.

I have also considering getting a standing salon quality steamer, but I haven’t made a final decision of that either. In the meantime, I’ll alternate between my current steamer and the hooded dryer.

Do you deep condition with heat? What do you use? 

Until next time

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  • Aaron Cody

    Instead of choosing a best
    hair conditioners
    whether this conditioning treatment cannot causes any damage
    to the hair?

  • Hey Kandy! Yeah those burns are not the business. I’ve actually tried opening the vents and I still get the drippage lol. Ill keep you updated on the Hot Head 🙂

  • Kandy O.

    I had similar issues w/ the steamer and hot water dripping on me. I noticed that a lot of water was gathering at the top and dripping down on my head. But, once I started steaming with the top vents open, I don’t have the issue anymore. It great to have alternative ways to get heat for deep conditioning though. I look forward to hearing more about the HotHead Cap, it sounds interesting.

  • Thank you. I couldn’t stand the old design anymore, I can’t imagine what made me do it in the first place lol.

  • I think they are a great idea as well and the fact that I don’t have to be stuck under a steamer/dryer is a win as well. I’ll do a follow up post with her replies. Thanks for commenting Kay 🙂

  • BTW, I like the redesign of your blog. 🙂

  • I’m considering one of the hothead caps as well. She sells plastic caps to wear under them but I agree that over time it would still need to be washed. Interested in a follow-up post once she replies back with answers to your concerns.

  • I feel you Sabrina. The one I have is exactly like the Huetiful but it only cost me $60 incl shipping on Amazon, so that wasn’t too bad. The design leave a lot to be desired though. Thanks for commenting.

  • I was just looking at steamers… Don’t like the table top Huetiful, nor the price… Thinking about a standing one recommended by Bella Kinks… For now I still use my sit under table top dryer