Curly Fro Updo

Pics are from 10 hours after I first did the style
Last weekend, I was tasked with being one of the hosts of the Kinky Twistmas Holiday Bash here in Dallas. I had planned weeks ago to wear a rod set, and I took the opportunity to practice on a section of my hair beforehand. Thank God I did, because it was not turning out the way I wanted. I shudder to think what would have happened if I didn’t do a practice run. 🙂
A twist and curl turned into a curly Fro situation was my Plan B, and I ended up being really pleased with the way the final result turned out. I’m apologize for the quality of the pics, but I didn’t have much time to take pics of the fresh style.
I decided to use Jane Carter Wrap & Roll foam to do the twists after watching CharyJay’s “Party Tendrils” style, but I’m sure any twisting cream would have worked. I twisted my hair in small sections and added rods. 
On Saturday morning, I undid the twists and separated them for the “curly fro”. Since my curls were so tight I ended up looking like a muppet, so I grabbed some bobby pins and pinned my hair into an updo.  I used my favorite Curls Curl Control Passion Fruit Paste to smooth down my hair. 
With my Kinky Twistmas Holiday Bash Co-host Charminae
The style held up well for the event, and I was able to wear it for two additional days before having to remoisturize my hair. I think the Jane Carter Wrap and Roll was the culprit. The next time I attempt this style, I will use a twisting cream that is more moisturizing and offers hold. 

With Aevin Dugas- Guinness Record Holder the World’s Larget Afro
 Aevin Dugas, Guinness Record Holder for the World’s Larget Afro was our special guest at the event, and I’m still chuckling at the fact that my entire head could fit into her Afro. It is HUGE in person, and pillowy soft.

Watch how I achieved this style.

Until next time

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