Let’s Play Catch Up: My “Updated” Wash Day Routine + Naturally Smooth As Product Review

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up a lot lately, so I thought I’d invite y’all to play as well. 🙂

These past few weeks have kept me really busy and I have been neglecting the blog a little bit…sorry. I’ve kinda been neglecting Youtube for a minute as well. Oh well, as I always say “Busy is a good problem to have”.

After I took down my mini twists, I gave my hair a much needed pampering session. I did write a little bit about it in another post, but for us visual folks, here’s the video. 🙂 I talk a little bit about the Trader Joe’s conditioners and my new detangling brush.

I also had the opportunity to review some pomades from Naturally Smooth As. Check out my review below. I look uber tired in this video because…. I was uber tired :). Oh well…..:)

Hope you’re having a great week.

Until next time

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