A High Bun, A Wash N Go Fail + Bracelets from the Fair

 I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve done a post. Anywho, this post is sort of an update and is a true “hodgepodge” of stuff. So let’s get to it!

Last Saturday, I celebrated my 5th Anniversary and wanted something befitting this wonderful occasion *in my best British Accent* As usual, I had a plan in my head but I forgot to get some of the “tools”, so I opted for a high bun using a half pack of some very old Marley braiding hair. I had the grand idea to blow dry the hair a bit, so that it wouldn’t be so textured, but it ended up being a little frizzy. 

I used a product that I’m currently reviewing to try and slick down my  hair a bit, because it was only semi stretched. It was a chore to get all my hair tucked in at the top, but many bobby pins and a scarf later, it turned out ok…at least I think so…and hubby did too 🙂

 Still in review mode, I attempted a Wash N Go that turned out to be….well a hot fail. I posted a “before” pic on my Facebook page and many people thought it turned out “great”……they didn’t see this pic lol

My friend Mondelle and I took some time off to go the Annual State Fair of Texas this week. As usual, there was no shortage of fried goodies and it was, well just like the fair 🙂  On another note, Elle Varner performed last Saturday…who knew!? 

We stumbled upon a shopping area at the fair that I’d never been to before, and came upon a booth with beautiful art pieces and jewelry. We were very intrigued and chatted up the lady at the booth. She was actually here representing a Women’s Cooperative in Uganda, where everything is handmade! Let me tell you, this stuff is well crafted.  My friend and I ended up getting some bracelets, she choose one made of Cow’s Bone and I choose one made from paper. Yep..you heard right..paper.

I guess we can call this a weekly round up! My hair has been cleansed from the Wash N Go “oopsie” and I’m planning on trying a braidout this weekend as part of “Operation Perfect the Braidout“. Stay tuned 🙂

Until next time

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