Retain Growth: Seal your Ends

Via Bella Kinks

If you are new to this journey, or even been here for a while and find yourself lost on how to get your hair to grow longer, you are not alone. There is a golden rule to natural hair growth, and that is “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize”! A lot of us do a good enough job on applying water ( The best and true source of moisture), conditioners, leave-ins and oils to our hair. Yet if you still find your hair is not “growing”. Truth is, your hair IS growing, hair growth is not optional, it will happen no matter what. Hair grows about 1.25 centimeters to .5 inches every month. You may need to divert some attention to your ends/tips of your hair.


The ends are the oldest part of your hair and they are prone to breakage, knotting and splitting. They are the furthest from your scalp and often time, neglected when applying product. One of the best methods in retaining your length and maintaining moisture on your ends is to seal them. When applying your butters, conditioners and leave ins, make sure to take your brush or fingers and work the product through, root to tip.
 Also, when protective styling, twist outs, or bantu knots outs, applying a heavy oil directly to your hair ends is highly encouraged. My favorite oil to use to seal my ends is the Jamaican Black Castor oil (or known as JBCO), I am not loyal to brand specific. This oil is heavy and thick with a consistency like syrup. It will go on your ends smooth and once dry, add a lustrous shine to them. Adding JBCO to your ends for your twist outs will also reduce frizz when taking your twists down and hold the hair together giving you a more uniformed looking ringlet. Basically, add a small amount of the oil on the tip of your fingers and coil the ends of each twist while wet. Depending on how often your ends need moisture, I would recommend doing this every 2-3 days when re-twisting your hair at night. Shea Butter is also a great candidate.

What is your sealing technique? Please share below?

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