Hair Time Out: Crochet Braids (with Pre-twisted Hair)


I’m back in Crochet braids (with pre-twisted hair) again. I decided to give my hair a rest/put it in time out for a little bit. I also wanted to give my hands a rest cause I’ve been doing all sorts of style experiments lately which is nothing new, but it was time to  chill for a bit :)

Since I loved my last set of crochet braids so much, I decided to go for that look again. This time around I used hair that was much lighter and softer. I used 5 packs of Rast Afri (Senegal Soul braid) hair although 6 packs would have been ideal, but I made it work.

Since the hair is synthetic, I did my usual soak in vinegar to remove the alkaline base. I decided to braid my hair going all the way back, and then got lazy/tired and decided to do “jumbo” braids towards the back. I know they look raggedy but they were getting covered up, so it didn’t really matter :)

 I didn’t cut the braid in half because it would have unraveled. They are pretty long (towards the back) but they are very light and soft, so it doesn’t cause any issues.

I’ve had them in for exactly one week and have been maintaining using this regimen (some products used are different). I plan to wash them tonight and since they are light and it’s hot outside, my hair should be dry by the morning. I’ve been experimenting with styling them different ways and it’s been quite fun. I MAY consider curling the ends before I remove them. Now let’s see if I can make it to 3 weeks with these.

Check out the installation video below

YOUR TURN: What your favorite type of protective style? Please share below…

Until next time

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  • courtney payne

    Did you curl the ends? and do u need to dip the twists in hot water?

  • Julanda

    Where do you buy your hair from?

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Hi, there isn’t a ton of hair in each pack. The second pic in the post (left side) shows the amount in each packet.

  • kyanna Haywood

    Hello I was thinking about getting these when i leave for school but i wanted to know was it a good amount of hair in the pack or less because I understand the longer the hair the less amount there is.

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Ok. Let me know how you like them :)

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    You’re welcome. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  • LaJune

    I cant wait to do this. Looking at yours is making me even more impatient

  • Amanda Harper

    I’ve never seen crocheted Senegalese twists but these are really cute!!! Adding thise to my list of styles to try :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Single Lense

    Thanks for the great tutorial on youtube. I purchased my Rast Afri Senegal Soul braids last week and put them in this weekend. My mom did the cornrows and I latch hooked the braids. I can not believe how easy it was, it probably took me 1.5 hours tops to complete. The Rast Afri hair is extremely soft, way better than any other brand. I found my hair on Amazon, sold by Doctored Locks. I got about 7 packs but only used 5.5 packs…. I just wish I knew how easy this was years ago, go have save myself a lot of money and time.

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    You’re welcome ;)

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you. Sorry for the tardy response :)

  • Cierre No’Middlename Jones

    I will be trying this style. I never like sengelese twist in my hair because my hair is natural and gets really frizzy in the braid but with crocheting I wouldn’t have to worry about that.This is so perfect. Thank you!

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thank you! It really doesn’t take very long. Once you braid your hair, the looping process is pretty quick ☺

  • Brown Girls Hair

    This is really cute. I wish I had the patience to do this with my hair!

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thanks Ashley! I actually found these on Amazon ☺

  • *Diva Ashley Monroe*

    Ahh so cute!! Did you order this hair from the same website as your other ones??

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thanks Stephanie. I don;t use any particular method. I have a pictorial in my post about the first set of crochet (linked in this post) where you see how I do them. If that doesn’t help. I did a video on my last set. It called Crochet Braids with Pre-twisted hair on YT. Hope this helps ☺

  • Stephanie Ayler

    Very very cute !! Do you use a certain method when you install your crochets? I’ve done it once before but I wasn’t pleased with the result.

  • Anonymous

    Cute…i like this style.

  • Vee_thehodgepodgefiles

    Thanks. Please share how you like them if you decide to do them ☺

  • dynamite360

    very nice.. i usually do sew in’s.. i’ve worn the crochet braids but never the twists.. think i’m gonna try it..