I Big Chopped…Now What!?

My Big Chop- August 2009.

This post is in honor of two persons very close to me who Big Chopped (BC’ed) last week! I’m so excited, but I’ll calm down because this post is not about me 🙂

Ok, so the “deed” is done! Most people experience that “free” feeling, the breeze passing through your head/hair/scalp, seeing all your features staring back at you in the mirror. You’ve stood under the shower (with no need for a shower cap) and let the water bead down your back, you feel a tinge of “what have I done?” but you know you’ve made the right decision……so what now?

DON”T PANIC – It is okay to wonder if you’ve done the right thing. My Big Chop was not planned, I transitioned for about 3 months (although I didn’t know that’s what it was called), woke up one morning and decided it was time. Either way, it was done and there was nothing I can do about it.

GO WITH THE FLOW – Unless, you’ve made a plan (and even if you haven’t) the first few days are going to be trial and error because you’re learning/re-learning your hair all over again.

EXPERIMENT – This is a great time to try styles and products and figure out what works for your hair. If you find it early, great ,if not, try again. *I’m not saying to be a product junkie as it’s commonly referred to, but if you want to try something then do it!*

BUILD A REGIMEN – After you’ve figured out what products work, develop a plan/regimen for your hair. It’s doesn’t have to be strict like,”I must wash every Monday”, it just has to be consistent if your aim is to have healthy hair. This should include, at minimum cleansing, conditioning/deep conditioning and moisturizing and sealing. Some basic products include: Cleanser, Conditioner/Deep Conditioner, Moisturizer, Oil/Butter (Sealant), Styling Product & Satin Pillowcase/ Scarf/ Bonnet.

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GO TO YOUR KITCHEN – If you like mixing stuff, you can find plenty ingredients to make condition/deep conditioner and even style your hair. Popular ingredients include; Olive oil, Honey, Molasses, Coconut Milk, Coconut oil, Flaxseeds (to make gel), Eggs, Plain Yogurt,Mayonnaise, Bananas and Avocados. You can even use herbs like Rosemary, Basil and Ginger to make hair spritzes and rinses.

LOOK FOR INSPIRATION – There are so many resources that provide information, tips, techniques and recipes for dealing with natural hair. These include : Youtube videos, Blogs and Facebook Pages. As with everything else, take the information you need and leave what you don’t need.

STAND YOUR GROUND – Okay, this is not a fight, but it’s important to not feel pressured or overwhelmed with all the Dos and Donts or jump on every bandwagon (trust me there are many), and do what everybody else is doing. For example : I know it seems like I do a lot of stuff with my hair, but I don’t expect you to do what I do…many of the things I try are because I want to and they are optional.

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ACCESSORIZE – Accessories are a great way to dress up a Twa (teenie weenie afro) if you have one (many people “BIG CHOP” after a long period so their hair may not necessarily be short). Headbands, bows, earrings, and groomed eyebrows add a nice touch 🙂

DOCUMENT – Take lots of pics, keep a journal, start a blog or Youtube Channel to document your journey. It’s so fun to look back and see how your hair has grown. It’s also helpful in remembering what product/technique gave results you may want to replicate in the future.

DO PROTECTIVE STYLING – Let’s face it! Short hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. Wear braids, crochet braids, wigs or weaves if you feel like you need a little more length before wearing your hair “out”.

BE CONFIDENT – Confidence goes a long way in wearing a TWA. Don’t let anyone tell you that short hair is “not cute”. As the saying goes “do you”.

DON’T COMPARE – As human beings we love to compare with others and with hair, it’s no different. It’s great to admire other people’s hair but you must be realistic about what your hair can and can not do.

CHILL OUT – After all, it’s just hair and by the time it grows out of your scalp it’s DEAD, so don’t let it control your life 🙂

Whew *wipes brow*, that seems like a lot of stuff to do huh? Well having natural hair does take as much effort as you’re willing to put into it, but I do hope this post was helpful.

Did you Big Chop? Do you have any other tips to add? Share them below

Until next time


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